Of course, it has been a moment since my last post. And while I would love to say I was taking a break and moment of rest so that I could be rejuvenated and all geared up and ready to go with the new and improved…that would not be the truth. SMILE.

The truth of the matter is the opposite. I’ve been swamped. This past couple of weeks have been intense as I have been busy doing a CLEANING and a CLEARING of many things within my life. I have had to finish, modify, improve, and correct projects. I have had to get my HOME in order. I have had to strengthen my SPIRIT, and more than anything else, I have had to make sure that my course charted is the one I should be on.

I enjoyed a very lengthy conversation with my father before his leaving to go usher at church yesterday morning. We have the best Bible studies and interviews about the Lord, love, life, and living. At the end of them, we are renewed, overjoyed, grateful, and at peace. We tended to then be ready for and excited to experience the day with the perspective we’ve been given of how wonderful it will be. There is some very real credence to “THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE, I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.”

This has been a season of sowing, and the winter sleep (for the past few years) have been covering what I’ve planted. I do not doubt that what I sowed and planted for harvest has been of good measure, and following the instruction of my SELF within, I AM confident that its yield will be of an even more considerable measure than what I suspect.

During this time of rest, I AM learning to REST. During this winter season of death of old things, I AM learning to rest with PEACE. During this time of pruning, what should not be a part of my foliage, I AM learning that my FRUITS need branches of measure to be brought forth. But most of all, throughout the many lessons I’ve learned and subsequently teach, I have learned that the finish line of one race is just the beginning of another. As I move towards the completion of many things, the doors to many more things are opened for me. Our pursuits, successes, and accomplishments are never finite, nor should our dreams be, nor should our faith be, nor should our hopes be, and nor should our expectations be.

It is when we are at REST within, that we yield the best results possible – which are those unimaginable results that are more than we could have ever conceptualized. Going forward, I realize that my trying to go back to my position and place of peace and power I once had when I came back from death and awakened from my coma was never something I had to chase, for it has been at rest within me all along. This sleeping GIANT within has now been AWAKENED, and I AM ready.