by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 17, 2020, at 1:00 pm

THE TRUE RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE…Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day. There were some challenges initially, but once things began ‘clicking’ in my head, everything around me began to follow suit.

We are co-creators of our universe once we have ACCEPTED the power and ADOPTED the principles of how to be. Once I changed MY VIBRATION, the VIBRATION of everything in my path changed as well. I was having a “moment” of sorts, and so I turned off my phone, my computer, (I rarely watch TV), and shut myself off and down so that I could get back to MY CENTER. I needed peace so that I could once again be filled with PEACE. The strangest thing happened. After a short time of prayer, meditation, silence, and a brief sleep even, I awoke with a renewed energy that is inexplicable. It’s as if my spirit received the TUNE-UP it needed, and before I knew it, I was invigorated, energized, excited, and magnetic. I was overcome with a boldness, an authority, and an instant power of speech and thought that was absent just an hour prior.

I got myself together, and by this time, whatever needed to be shaken off was shook. LOL. My perception changed, my outlook changed, and the supercharge I experienced ignited and re-charged my projects, my workflow, and yep even my personal life. The moment I turned my phone on, a friend of mine was reaching out to me, and the funniest thing is he is usually the one who is MIA. I was sharing with him what I had just come out of, and he began to share some personal sentiments of his own and what his “typical” behavior is with women and in relationships. We both ended up learning something new about each other and others like ourselves. He provided an “answer” to a question about someone else in my life that I needed. And truth be told it was the SAME answer given me by others who had feedback. Universal confirmation!  What we discovered is that although we come from different backgrounds, we are more ALIKE and similar than not. We ended up busting it up on the phone, and before the conversation had ended, I secured a traveling companion who was willing to take my missions trip to Africa with me. I was so very grateful. In fact, by last night, I had two ready companions. My other friend is going to Haiti in a couple of weeks, so mission trips are his thing. I knew for sure I could count on him to accompany me to Africa as well. I think I might just go ahead and put together a trip of like-minded and purposed individuals who also may be interested. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

The lesson I learned yesterday is that GOD puts people in our lives for our learning, for our extension of mutual resourcefulness, and for the sustainability of renewable energy that only brotherly love and sisterly affection could ever provide! When we don’t value the people in our lives for who they are, for the measure of learning and love wealth they bring, we are wasting renewable energy. Once people realize that we are to thrive off of not only OUR LOVE vibrations, but recycle the strength of the LOVE VIBRATIONS of others and use that to reciprocate to them and share with others; we will genuinely HEAL our LAND, HEAL our HEARTS, and HEAL others around us.

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