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emotional pain

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 21, 2020, at 1:00 pm

Think about it – change is seen in the natural world’s transformations as well as its transition from season to season; change occurs among people who transform – both physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and even spiritually – every single day of their lives; and change is seen in civilization, politics, thought, art, geography, and economy, etc., in just about every aspect of the modern world. The word “Change” refers to an act or instance of making or becoming different – such as history’s change, or transition, from a nomadic to an agricultural society.

If this notion is valid, then why does it seem that so many people are resistant to change? It’s a tough question to answer. But it warrants an attempt.

Consider all the changes in a person’s life: a person is born a small baby, they live and grow, then one day become old and decrepit, and they ultimately die. It is the natural order of things, but no one wants to get past, suffer, and die. So naturally, people do things to resist this big change, only to finally come to terms that they – like all living things – must wither away into a state of nothingness.

From my friend Orlando, “You shouldn’t have a guard. You should have a filter. There’s a huge difference, and I promise, it’s a much better way to live. A guard is a fear-based defense mechanism that you put up and take down over and over again to protect yourself from your own vulnerability in intimate relationships. It’s an exhausting exercise that can weigh down your soul. A filter isn’t fear-based. You don’t have to put it up or take it down. It’s a permanent part of you that requires a certain amount of inner strength and a well-defined set of personal standards, but it allows you to embrace your vulnerability. The real trick is accepting the fact that a certain amount of emotional pain is inevitable. Sometimes relationships are gonna hurt, and there’s no getting around it.

People who keep their guards up are living in fear of that emotional pain. When they let their guards down, they’re just living in denial of its inevitability. People with filters accept the inevitability of emotional pain, but they have the self-discipline to mitigate chaos and negativity by either processing it, or cutting it off at the source.”—unknown

Hold on tight to your dreams so that you make it to the destination of THEM through the journey.

Remember that it is only the EGO which allows you to carry guilt and regret that your filthy and stubborn pride will not allow you to release.

That is why there is the PLUG of REGRET filling the HOLE that only GOD can make WHOLE but your EGO has Eased God Out of the equation. Know that once you rid your prideful self of the ‘need’ to hold on for whatever reason to what you should have let go and moved on from a long time ago, then you can Evict Guilt Out, lose that EGO and replace the vibration with Embracing God’s Omnipotence/Omnipresence/and Omniscience and WALK INTO THE WEALTHY PLACE of HEALING and PROSPERITY!!!!!

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