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Lemon Grass Essential Oil

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Lemon Grass Essential Oil

lemongrass essential oil

The lemongrass essential oil comes from having the blades and the leaves from the grass steam distilled. Lemongrass is commonly used when cooking, but the highly concentrated oil can is used for many other benefits. The lemon aroma often finds itself in many conventional cleaners. It is likely to be reminded of a chemical when you inhale the lemongrass essential oil.

The benefits 

The lemongrass essential oil comes with several benefits to health.

· It supports and boosts healthy digestion

· It soothes muscles and tendons that are aching

· It purifies as well as tones the skin

· It relieves depression and that heavy feeling most people feel when they are emotionally or mentally disturbed

· It relaxes the nerves

The best thing about the lemongrass essential oil is that it can be used together with many other oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, and geranium. Blending the oil with any other increases the benefits that you get, and you can mix depending on the results that you seek.

Using lemongrass essential oil 

Before using lemongrass essential oil, test on a small skin area to determine skin sensitivity and allergy. It is also vital to remember that excessive use of this oil can cause skin sensitization; hence, there is a need to use it mildly for best results. When applying it, keep it off the nose, ears, and eyes.

1. For sore joints and muscle strains, combine equal amounts of the oil and coconut oil, then massage topically around the areas giving you issues. It will soothe the pains away.

2. To promote healthy digestion, you can use it to flavor meat dishes and entrees.

3. To achieve healthy and clean toenails, combine it with Melaleuca then apply it to the nails. This can be done for several days to reap the best benefits.

4. If you are looking for a way to keep insects at bay while outdoors, rub a little oil onto your skin. It works wonders in repelling insects.

5. If you are feeling desperate, anxious, or having a feeling of unrest, you can inhale the oil, softly by placing a drop on your palm and rubbing the hands together before inhaling for at least 30 seconds. You will love how relaxed and calm the oil will make you feel.

6. It can be used in the post-workout soothing bath. Add at least ten drops of the oil and add marjoram oil in two cups of Epsom salt before pouring under running hot water so the salt can dissolve completely. You can then soak in the bath for half an hour to soothe your entire body after an intense workout.

7. To use it as a refreshing deodorant, fill a spray bottle of 4 oz. with ten drops of the lemongrass essential oil and also witch hazel and then spray the solution under your arms to stay fresh.

8. If you want to enjoy the energy-boosting benefits of lemongrass essential oil, make a blend of the oil, peppermint, and wild orange in equal parts and place in your diffuser.



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