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Jobs for Women Who are Tired of People


Jobs for Women Who are Tired of People

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There are days of the week when we want to burst into the office on a Monday morning, grab our favorite beverage, and go on about weekend stories with our favorite coworkers. However, there are other days of the week where we wish our coworkers would stop talking and not pester us with their stories anymore. You wish Britney wouldn’t chew on her pencil, Dale wouldn’t endlessly ramble about his favorite movie, and Chad wouldn’t mansplain his way out of situations. 

Coworkers, clients, customers, and humans, in general, can sometimes be downright draining to deal with. Out of the 83% of American workers stressed by their jobs, over 11 percent believe that dealing with annoying coworkers and clients is the primary reason behind their stress. 

Stress can accumulate over time and get really overwhelming to deal with. Things can become even more difficult if you have been pushed to your point of exhaustion. You may soon start looking for a career shift and try to find career prospects that aren’t as draining. 

In this article, we look at some of the best jobs for women workers who are tired of people and want a corporate setting that minimizes human contact and interaction. The jobs mentioned in this article come with limited interaction with other people. 

  • Computer programmer

Average salary: $86,550

We won’t judge you if you like numbers more than people. In fact, we have got something that might be up your alley: computer programming. As a computer programmer, you will be tasked with creating software applications and programs for the long run. You will manage bugs, troubleshoot applications and write codes alone for hours. 

You won’t have to interact with many other people and will get to be part of an exciting field on the cutting-edge of technology. You’ll hence get the fulfillment you require without the complications of human interaction. 

  • Translator 

Average salary: $45,697

Working as a translator is a good opportunity for you to earn money without interacting with humans, especially if you’re bilingual. You will get to talk about several different news articles and expand beyond the traditional roles and requirements outlined for you. 

Since this work is independent in nature and can be done without working under an organization, you won’t have to interact with many people. You can also operate without a degree and earn a sizable annual income. 

  • Blogger

Average salary: $32,800

You can always work as a blogger if you have a penchant for fashion and feel it can take forward in the future. Are you obsessed with celebrity gossip or politics, or any other viral form of content? You can always take your interests in these areas forward and build your portfolio with them. Blogging is an individual effort, which is done alone without interacting with several other people. So, you can kick start your blogging journey without having to talk to others or interact with people. 

  • Technical writer

Average salary: $61,075

Technical writing is perfect for women who like writing but don’t consider themselves creative enough to concoct stories and go down the creative front—technical writers author content like user guides, instruction manuals, and others of similar nature. More often than not, they work from home and don’t have to interact much with other colleagues or clients. 

Technical writers are required to hold degrees in fields such as communication and English. Still, some companies may require their writers to have expertise in the niche they specifically operate in. Human interaction is limited as our audience would prefer. 

  • Accountant 

Average salary: $51,796

Accountancy might sound a bit too dry to some of our readers. However, it definitely is a profession that does not require teamwork and is growing rapidly over the world during the current years. 

As an accountant, you will mostly be required to manage the affairs of corporate clients for businesses and interpret financial records to the best of your understanding. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is required here as it helps you manage to maintain accounts. While you may have to work within an office, the work itself is quite independent. 

  • Virtual Assistant 

Average salary: $19.08/hr

Virtual assistants are in high demand today as they manage the affairs of startup entrepreneurs virtually. If Google calendars, color-coded lists, and Excel sheets make up your world, you can try becoming a virtual assistant. 

Many might think that becoming a virtual assistant may require high human interaction, but it is a solitary job. Most virtual assistants spend their time booking appointments, responding to emails, and scheduling tasks. If you’re an organized person and are super excited about planning, this is the perfect avenue for you. 

  • Dog Walker 

Average salary: $14.97/hr

Talking to people might not be your forte, but dealing with puppies does sound a little bit more acceptable. If you do well with animals and look after them, you may consider becoming a professional dog walker. Working as a dog walker allows you to spend quality time with several adorable pooches and also helps you build a healthy lifestyle as you walk around with puppies during your day. 

The best part about this job? Well, dogs cannot talk, so you don’t have to deal with endless conversations all day long. 


We hope you like the jobs we have mentioned in this article and can start thinking about them for your next career move. Remember that it is alright to cut down on human contact and prioritize a career that gives you the solitude you crave.