If You Treat this Life as a Gamble: The House Always Wins


by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 03, 2020, at 1:00 pm

As I am beginning to pay more attention to what my spirit is telling me, I am learning that I am absolutely the one who has stood in my way of many things. I have to bear the responsibility of blocking my blessings, causing my stumbles, and making poor choices. While we love to play the victim and blame people, circumstances, conditions, co-workers, disloyal friends, jealous relatives, and hating strangers, those are all PROJECTIONS of what we are either too blind to see or also hurt to admit. The truth of the matter is that what we live is a product of WHO WE ARE, WHO WE HAVE BEEN, HOW WE ARE, WHAT WE’VE THOUGHT, THE WORDS WE HAVE SPOKEN, and most importantly of all … what we live is a product of our failure to GET REAL WITH OUR ‘self’ so that our SELF can take over.

That is probably why GOD holds us accountable for our transgressions once we’ve reached the age of ‘knowing better.’ There’s a saying that once you know better, you do better. Ummm, I don’t think so. I have known better in a lot of situations and still have yet to do what is in my best interest.

Instead, as a creature of habit, I do what I THINK I should do, or better yet, what I THINK will have the outcome I want. I have more than not, gambled with the consequences of my thinking and feelings and sentiments (without consulting my spirit, my intuition, the God I serve), and losing.

I’m learning this LIFE apart from GOD is almost like a Casino. The House (the Adversary) holds the advantage of knowing outcomes. While we sit placing bets and feeding these needs, these thirsts, these desires… while we are mesmerized by the lights, the lusts, and the fancy things in front of us…. we are just spending our time chasing the quick fast and in a hurry dream, and the jackpot that will just come our way by luck and by chance. Never realizing that the eyes of the House are on us the entire time, knowing that the House never loses, and also knowing that our being in that space and place will have no other outcome for us but tragic.

It’s the House’s job to keep us busy, sleep-deprived, occupied, and drunk so that we never leave. The House makes sure that we become so addicted that we reach the point where it no longer needs to lure us with promotions because we will come back on our own voluntarily. When the records show an unusually long absence is in effect, the House will send gifts and incentives to bring you back, because of course, they must be claimed in person. The sad truth is that once you become addicted, the spiral downhill seems uncontrollable and virtually unrecoverable. The saying “go for broke’ is the exact sentiment… the House is going until you are broke and broken. By the time it’s all said and done, you could lose everything… your family, your money, your dignity, and self-respect, your finances, home, honor, etc..

For me, I’m tired of the flashing lights and sounds of the Casino. I am no longer interested in the beauty of the rooms and space made for me in accommodations. I do not care to hear the pitch nor to try my luck or hand at the big jackpot that I am promised to have access to. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve believed in the promise of what that man whispered to me and told me. I’ve been comfortable in the accommodation of what looks good, feels good, smells good, sounds good, and tastes good. I’ve won big only to lose it all and keep losing. No, thank you. I think at this stage for me; ALL BETS ARE OFF. I’ll let those new players who think they’ve got it all figured out, have better skills, and who think they know more… I’ll give them indulge. It’s just not for me: no more games, no more losses, no more gambling with my LIFE.

Instead, I will just use what I have been given and find security and surety in that measure. Rather than the quick fix to all of my problems, I’ll just solve them one by one at a slow and steady pace. It can be done; I know it can because GOD will pluck them off my list and solve them if I only ask. The Bible says the race is not won to the swift but to he that endures to the end. I learned that my dream of the JACKPOT that I spent all that time gambling, wishing, hoping I would get was the JACKPOT I had access to and won a long time ago… I just had to TURN my thinking and CLAIM my prize. My relationship and alignment with Father is the winning ticket. It is the JACKPOT and the gift that keeps on giving. I get regular dividend disbursements for life and guess what it’s tax-free!

The moment I realized the House always wins was the moment I stopped treating my life like a gamble. It was the moment I realized that the House (the Adversary) wanted me to be distracted and gamble with my gifts, talents, and skills because he knew that I could lose them all in the process by voluntarily using them as markers. What I didn’t realize then, which I most definitely know now, is that the PRIZE WINNINGS that the House uses to lure people in are everyone else’s losses. WOW, that’s deep. Think about that last statement and say it out loud. The adversary uses other people’s failures as the lure to gain what is yours.

So today, if you are willing and able, cast not your pearls before the swine. Do not voluntarily give your gifts to the house. Instead, hold on, and rather than taking the easy way out, go slow and steady… those gifts will make room for you, and you’ll begin to get the disbursements from your winnings before you know it. You are already the winner. You won a long time ago, and have always held the winning ticket. Now CLAIM YOUR PRIZE and what is yours!

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