In this new age of technology and social media, the distractions are massive.

It seems as if with all of the busy-ness, that few are accomplishing the business they need to get down to, because of the company they are a party to. There has to be some middle ground and finding where that lies at the heart of ourselves.

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter as we have become increasingly more impatient as a society and almost completely unaware of ourselves (our true selves that are).

We have allowed ourselves to become sucked into the confusions of our thwarted realities as a result of the energy of the messages we receive from the various mediums we choose to indulge and engage with.

It is no wonder that fast, hectic, and exhaustive have become the new attributes and buzzwords for our existence. It’s time to take a step back from the hustle and grind and be a part of the hustle and flow to grow!

The beginning of everything wonderful starts with a decision. Sometimes taking a few steps back gives you the force you need to have that running start mean something.

Instead of living to feed your pride and please your ego… Live to feed your soul and please your Creator.

That is the moment life changes from false good to an authentic great! The greatest courage is to BE who you are, THINK how you do, SAY what you feel, LIVE what you know and TRUST it will all be fine.

The beginning is what sets the tone and lets you know EXACTLY what you are in the midst of. Follow your intuition, because it will never lie to you.

So the art of being and having everything we were meant to be and have in this very distracting, very hectic, hustle mama world of ours is about the DECISION to want, do and be more.

To THINK differently about everything you believe, you know. To DESIRE and TRUST with CONFIDENCE and BE!