Your hair root/follicle is the most important part of your hair. If your hair roots become damaged or degenerated, there is subsequently no hair that can grow from that area. There are three individual strands that grow per hair root. So just think, every time you lose a hair root, regardless of the underlying reason, that is three strands of hair that are missing. Unless your roots become healthy and revitalized from within do they have the potential of growing the hair back. Through further research as a hair expert dermatologist, we have discovered certain key nutrients that work synergistically inside your body acting directly on your hair roots to get them healthy and stimulated. The most advanced, dermatologist-formulated nutritional supplement is available to help your hair roots get healthy from the inside is BellaNutri.

Your hair roots can become unhealthy and stop functioning for several reasons. To start, as you age, naturally you will progressively lose some of your hair roots which is simply out of your control. Another factor is the hereditary loss of hair roots which is somewhat out of your control. Give thanks to one of your relatives on either your mother or father’s side of the family who passed on this infamous gene. In this case, the hair roots in certain predetermined areas (typically the temples and top of the head) degenerate from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the active form of testosterone. Other reasons that are within your control is the damage that can result from chemicals such as hair relaxers and hair dyes, in addition to hot pressing oils. Overuse, excessive, and improper use of any type of chemical applied to the scalp can penetrate enough through the scalp to damage the hair roots. This is a very common cause of Follicular Degeneration Syndrome that occurs in women of color. Thinning starts in the center of the scalp and becomes progressively worse as time goes on, especially with continued chemical relaxer use. Also, trauma from tension to roots is a huge issue that is within your control. Lastly, certain medical conditions that occur on your scalps such as bacterial/fungal infections or any other scalp disease may lead to your roots becoming unhealthy. 

Recommendations to Healthier Hair Roots for better hair growth:

  1. Start nourishing your hair roots from the inside to get them and keep them as healthy as possible regardless if you have a problem or not which is key towards the anti-aging of hair roots! Topical products simply can not penetrate the scalp to reach your hair roots. Remember, it is your hair roots from which your hair grows. New research in hair reveals selective unique nutrients that synergistically work together with different from the typical hair multi-vitamins used. Your roots will actually be able to regenerate and become stimulated so that your hair starts growing and gets healthier. BellaNutri, the most advanced, dermatologist-formulated, all-natural nutritional supplement will assist your hair roots to grow your hair faster, longer, thicker, stronger, and healthier than ever before even in thin/bald areas. (toll-free 866-711-HAIR (4247) or 301-809-2962 or visit Once you start, I am happy to guide you towards hair success!
  2. Thoroughly wash and condition your hair at least once a week to keep the scalp clean which will reduce any possible bacteria or yeast/fungus penetration into your hair roots. The excess buildup can cause scalp irritation and hair shedding.
  3. Limit the use of chemical perms and apply them properly. Avoid chemical relaxers if have hair thinning or balding. You can not apply to just ‘certain areas’ that are not thinning as the chemical still gets throughout the scalp during the shampoo process. Relax hair every 6-8 weeks or longer, not sooner. Apply base cream to the entire scalp, not just edges to reduce chemical from absorbing into the skin. Make sure the “new growth” is the only relaxed and perm is not left on for more than the recommended time. This will reduce the risk of burns which can cause scarring of roots ultimately leading to permanent hair loss.
  4. Limit the use of chemical hair dyes to every 4 weeks or longer, especially if the hair is relaxed. This is a double chemical process that makes your hair roots more vulnerable to becoming unhealthy and potential hair loss. Try to completely avoid permanent hair dyes if your hair is relaxed. Always wait at least 2 weeks between any chemical service.
  5. Please avoid tension from tight braids (either individual or cornrows), tightly pulled back ponytails or constant use of comb/clip/ rubberband weave attachments, and frequent sleeping in rollers which can cause scarring and ultimately lead to permanent hair loss in those areas.
  6. Lastly, seek professional consultation by a Dermatologist for a thorough scalp evaluation if you detect any areas of concern. By doing this sooner than later may prevent long-term damage to your hair roots. 

Remember, healthy hair roots are the key to healthy hair growth so take great care of them now before it is too late! I am happy to help guide you with ultimate healthy hair success! Stay tuned for national healthy hair takeover! Any questions?