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Faithful Is Our God – Hezekiah Walker


Faithful Is Our God – Hezekiah Walker


Good Top of the Spiritual Sunday Soul-filled Day! Please share ladies what you do to BRING IT DOWN and BE IN PEACE, FAITHFUL AND JOY AND SOUL-FILLEDNESS?

For me, today. it is the beginning of my week as the first day of the Creation of what the coming week will bring to me in life and business.

I use this day to stay filled in WORSHIP and PRAISE. It is the day I use to Meditate and think upon the visions that Spirit gives me.

It is when I ascribe to my favorite quote in practice and deed – “The only way to the Great YOU ARE is through the GREAT I AM” (Dr.Stefany).

So in aligning with the I AM GREATNESS, I am able to do great things. That first happens with the ignition of a faithful mindfulness state of Christ Consciousness and a heart agreement of the living word.

I set my atmosphere up for PEACE, JOY, and EXCHANGE. I treat the alignment of my relationship with the Spirit of MY GOD with the same effort and enthusiasm as when I am in a relationship with a man that I am excited about being with.

My life is far from perfect, things are near that sometimes present a challenge, but the JOY (and Love) of the Lord is my strength.

Enjoy one of my favorite songs and if you feel so inclined please share yours as well.


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