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Friday, August 19, 2022
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Dr. Stefany Jones, CEO

Teaching women entrepreneurs how to Heal their Hearts, Hack their Lives, Harness their Power, and Build Digital Empires! I am a spiritually based business intelligence practitioner helping women entrepreneurs with their personal and professional development. Whether you are searching for a fresh perspective on your business, aiming to reach specific goals, or looking for advice on how to navigate the world of digital technology, I create content designed to unleash the very best in you – making you a POWERHOUSE in every area of your life and business!

#TheHustleMama Recipe For Success

Hi I'm Dr. Stefany - Now Let's Monetize!

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I believe that our Lives are By Design and our Dreams are By an Infinite Measure; that The Only Way to the Great You Are is through THE GREAT I AM. I am a spiritually-based business intelligence expert, a certified professional coach, author, educator and motivational speaker.

I help busy women entrepreneurs heal their hearts to their gifts and goals, and then use their new found discovery to monetize their message... who they are and everything they've been through... empowering them to live operating in alignment with their divine gifts while simultaneously and strategically building their side hustles into businesses.

I teach them how to create multiple streams of passive income through digital marketing and building digital asset portfolios... content with a conscience. (#healhackharnessbuild)

I am the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman. It is more than a magazine. We are a Mogul Mindset, a Movement of Manifestation, and are Motivating Millions of women entrepreneurs to Monetize their Message by Healing their Hearts, Hacking their Lives, Harnessing their Power, and Building Digital Empires!

Let me show you how to create your own ecosystems and a community where you have complete ownership and control of your content and revenue streams. Learn how to monetize your gifts and services by finding the right niche market. Sell your products, build your brand, grow your business, increase your profitability and build your audience.

I teach you how to build and earn from your websites, blogs, podcasts, ebooks, courses, workshops, everything you have ever been through, and everything you know how to do. I teach you how to use SEO to build organic traffic.

I give you hacks to improve your marketing strategies without a whole lot of money and heavy lifting. I help you identify how to live in, on, and through purpose so that you can build passive income on autopilot and leave a legacy of generational wealth that will remain earning on autopilot for years after you’re gone.