Friendship relationships, business relationships, and intimate relationships have one very crucial element in common… the entry of having a profound effect upon you and your life. I am learning more and more about the extreme importance of CIRCLE MONITORING at all costs.

Unfortunately, no one wants ever to sound harsh or be looked upon in life as the “bad guy.” But the truth of the matter is sometimes we have to be and must to ensure our survivability and success.

Being harsh is nature’s way of insisting on a reality check, and if we would see it more as an adjustment mechanism of sorts, rather than the lie of being something completely wrong to be a part of, maybe outcomes would be different across the board.

And in speaking of outcomes, I would be remiss if I didn’t cop to the fact that one of my most recent AHA moments was about my failure to see the forest for the tress. I have always been a loyal and devoted friend, partner, and employee and, at times, martyristic, if you will. I am learning in divine wisdom that there is absolutely nothing noble about the trait. That must of my stagnation in life in the areas above was due to a toxic exposure I had never previously realized.

As with any poison or toxic spill, sometimes the remnants of damage are not seen for YEARS. There are many times your illness can spread without the manifestation of one visible or felt symptom. In that case, the damage is worse because by the time you “catch on” to what is happening to you, the damage has already seen progressive stages.

That is where the harsh reality of being harsh presents itself. Sometimes you have to treat your life and your circle as aggressively you would a seemingly fatal illness. It is imperative to both your success and survival to draw clear lines in the sand and proceed accordingly.

If you don’t draw the line and establish boundaries, then people will just run amok in your space. The same holds for negative energy. Keep your circle tight. If you find yourself around people who are in a certain constant state of being or lack thereof, let it serve as a mirror.

Draw the line and stop allowing the toxicity to run amok in your head, space, circle, and life.

If you are living in poverty and fear-stricken mindset, complacent and realistic life achiever, a pessimist, constantly weigh your life down with negative energy, thoughts and speech, complaints, and a constant reiteration of the perceived wrong that has happened to you, then I can only be an acquaintance who wishes you well from a distance.

I know my immune system, and if I am exposed to you, your vibe and energy for too long, your thoughts exposure are like the common cold and your vibe like the flu. None of those work for me this season. People have to learn to leave empty rhetoric alone.

If the conversation does not inspire, empower, create, manifest, build, or EXCHANGE ideas, love, promise, or growth, then it is not nurturing growth in or for either party. In this case, it does not serve you, nor serve you well, and only YOU can draw the line!