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Your Child’s Bedwetting and Sleepovers

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If your older child wets the bed and gets invited to a sleepover, they may be frightened to go.

However, there are techniques that you can guarantee that your child has a great time at a sleepover, and no one is embarrassed, shocked, or even knows about bedwetting.

Talk to the Parents

Before the sleepover, you will need to talk to your child about it. Some kids are terrified of anyone, including adults, knowing about their bedwetting issue. You must acknowledge their wishes in this regard, but if you can, guarantee your child has a grown-up partner at the sleepover or camp to assist them when required by talking to them.

Show Empathy

If you have stories of your bedwetting, or another relative’s bedwetting, or even a famous person you’ve heard was a bedwetter, speak to your child about that. Always tell them that you love them and don’t accuse them of their issue.

Get Waterproof Gear

From covers to bed pads to undergarments, there are loads of things you can purchase for your child that look like the regular stuff. Look at the options online via Amazon or The Bedwetting Store.

Provide a Guard Alarm

One problem for most kids is getting up. It’s not good to do this frequently because sleep is necessary. However, using an alarm that vibrates to wake up your child every three or four hours throughout the night (depending on their demands) to assure they go to the toilet will also help – with no one the wiser.

Teach Your Child How to Clean Up

If there is an occurrence, the troublesome part is getting it taken care of without anyone knowing. Teach your child the best ways to get relieved of the mess without everyone knowing. If they deal with it matter-of-factly without worry, it’ll go more quickly. That’s one of many reasons to show them to take care of themselves and their circumstances at home too.

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician

One thing that might help is temporarily getting a prescription from your child’s pediatrician, which helps improve the amount of urine the bladder can endure. A problem with these medications is that they can cause dehydration, but they can still be an alternative depending on your child’s condition.

There may be no problem with bedwetting while your child is at someone else’s home or camp. However, using the products that help keep the problem can be very helpful and enable a child to cope. It will also help if at least one trusted adult could assist your child privately when needed.

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