by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

RUE FRIENDSHIPS are like the GOD relationship… they may not always come when you call, but they are ALWAYS on time!

Okay. So as I wind this HMRA to a close, let me just share this last sentiment with you…. WE ALL HAVE BEEN BORN WITH THE POWER TO BE, DO, & HAVE. THE FUEL for our engines as always been and will always be LOVE. If you have not learned how to do so, teach yourself to love others by loving strangers first. Trust me when I tell you it is A BEAUTIFUL thing, and it makes the heart merry… there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on another human being’s face who has received love and kindness from you when no one else would. BE BLESSED!!!!!

Those who try to steal your joy are people who are miserable and unhappy with themselves and their situation.

LOVE, forgiveness, and friendship weather ALL THINGS as long as you can check the ego and pride at the door. And so does GOD.

Sometimes other people can be the best THEM by vibing off of you being your best YOU…

Fabulous is not how you look, nor how to groom yourself to be. FABULOUS is who you are from the inside out and who others esteem you to be.

Sometimes what’s holding up your progress is the fact that you are aligned and in the company of people who are incapable of keeping up with you much less able to go some places WITH you pulling their weight or helping you to remove yours. BOOM!

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