During your Italy vacation you will find that wine is very important to the country. Italy has some of the oldest vineyards in the world and some of the best wines are produced there. About 20% of all the wine in the world is produced in Italy. Grapes are grown all over and wine is made by everyone from the villagers to the large commercial wineries. It is said that there are one million vineyards in Italy!

I had the good fortune of visiting Milan last year and found such a rich and historic culture as part of my touring. From the foods, the delectable desserts, there is no wonder that there are streets filled with restaurants and pastry shops.

As for the wine, they drink it with and sometimes in-between every meal, and it is offered as much as water is here!

So what are some of the wineries you should visit on your Italian vacation?

The Enthusiastic Traveler offers winery tours in May, September and October. This tour is in the Tuscan region which is the home of the Super Tuscan. Super Tuscan wines do not follow the rules of wine making.

Blends are made using non-traditional methods of combining certain grapes which are not normally combined. The tour will take you to a farm called Castel Pietraio in a beautiful hillside town near Siena for a simple wine tasting of wines made by squeezing grapes in barrels. Other vineyards are visited and many people on an Italy vacation that come here say they smell the wine in the air. There is also a visit to an ancient castle complete with a wine making baron who has discovered some very rare grapes to use in his wines. For your vacation in Italy “The Enthusiastic Traveler” may be contacted through its website www.theenthusiastictraveler.com

Ca’Bruzzo Italian Winery is found in Northern Italy close to Venice. They grow 5 varieties of grapes here and produce about 20,000 bottles a year. This is a small family-owned winery and they believe their close physical contact with the vines makes for their especially tasty wines.

During your Italy vacation you may want to take this tour because not only do you get to taste wine at its different stages of development and see the wine cellar but the family will also teach you how to wine making and care for a vineyard.


There is a lot of focus here on the benefits of organically grown grapes for wine. If you enjoy this vineyard during your vacation in Italy, the Bruzzos can even ship their wine to you so you can continue to experience the amazing taste. This winery can be contacted through its website at www.cabruzzo.com

One of the most memorable wines that you may come across during your Italy vacation is called “Est! Est! Est!” It is a semi-sweet white wine from Montefiascone. It has some effervescence and a mildly fruity flavor. It is said that this wine got its name from the story of a German bishop who needed to go to Rome and sent someone ahead of him to mark on the doors of inns serving the best wines along the way. He marked the doors with the word “Est!” in chalk and when he got to Montefiascone he liked the wine so much that he marked the inn door with “Est! Est! Est!”