by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 16, 2009, at 11:44 pm


I say that because I am learning more and more about myself these days as I pray and ask for God’s intercession upon matters of my life, things of my existence, and issues of the heart.

We are all aware of the “man in the mirror” cliche and how to be careful what you pray for because you just might get it. As someone who has received not only everything they have asked for, thought about, dreamed about – but also I have been fortunate enough to virtually be successful at everything and absolutely anything I have ever put my mind to.

With all of that fortune, I have had my share of challenges as well – for, in my world, there are no such things as failures, only lessons. Through the problems, I have learned that we are perfected through our experiences, we are made whole through our brokenness, and at times we are taught lessons the hard way. No matter the method or its use, the measure we judge another is the measure by which we will be judged. The bill we forgive another is the measure by which we are forgiven, and the same holds for love.

Through that type of favor, without the proper perspective and grounding, it is easy to become distracted and somewhat discouraged. I know it does not seem that one with so much ‘fortune’ would be discouraged, but think if you are able about a person who has made a TO DO LIST for their life and has checked off COMPLETE for every item. What would be next? What would they do? What would they dream? How would they handle it?

In my opinion, any person who has fulfilled their TO DO LIST has one thing left to do and one thing only. SHARE it with the world, bless others through your knowledge and experience, and watch your influence and lessons exponentially multiply!