By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

HMM:  What is the title of the book you would like featured?

Carla Du Pont-Huger:  I would like to feature “Legalities of Love.” Legalities of Love is a love novel with an interest plot and intriguing turn of events.  This book is definitely a page turner.

HMM:  Are you independently published?  By whom?

Carla Du Pont-Huger:  Yes, independently published, Blue Café Publishing Company.  Blue is my favorite color and Café are the first 2 letters of my first name.

HMM: What titles do you go by i.e., author, entrepreneur, speaker, radio host, etc.

Carla Du Pont-Huger:  Author, Non-Profit work (Unspoken Angels), Editor, Writer (Ghostwriter, Speech, Preparation, Business Plans, Resumes).

HMM:  Where were you born and where do you currently live?

Carla Du Pont-Huger:  I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida but currently reside in the Atlanta area.

HMM: What was life like growing up for you?  What kind of family did you grow up in?

CDH:  Everybody says their life was not crystal clear.  Of course, everyone has their own share of issues.  My life was pretty good.  My parents divorced when I was young, but my brother and I still participated in extra-curricular activities, traveled, and were a part of social organizations.  We did not lack for anything!

HMM: How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were possibly going to do for the rest of your life?

CDH:  As crazy as it sounds, my mother still has phonics paper with poetry and stories written on it.  Yes, I guess I am telling my age, but that stuff is dated from when I was 4 or 5 years old.  My imagination has always been vivid!  I don’t think it was a choice.  As previously stated, when I was laid off in 2009, I constantly prayed for direction.  Writing is what He led me to over and over.  I’m at a place where I would rather be happy doing what I love and being able to spend time raising my children during this influential time in their lives, rather than struggle and feel unfulfilled running the rat race for someone else.  Even if it means my money is not steady, I am still doing what I love.  Thank God we are not hurting for anything!

HMM: Have you worked alongside any professional actors/singers, etc.? And how?

CDH:  I am currently involved in 3 projects, but due to non-disclosure, I am unable to discuss it.

HMM: Are you involved with any workshops and/or as an author, how do you help others accomplish their dreams and/or what advice do you have for new upcoming aspired writers?

CDH: Last year, I held a class called “Wine & Writing”.  The purpose of that class was to introduce writing to aspiring authors.  Everyone has a story to tell, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to get it out. I will be having in-person classes, as well as online seminars.


HMM: What books have you written?  Have any been done as a playwright?

CDH:  I currently have 3 books available: 1) Legalities of Love; 2) Broken; 3) Cum Laude.  All 3 are available on  As far as a playwright, I am in the process of working on one, but unfortunately that is also under the non-disclosure.

HMM:  Would you consider yourself a driven person?  What makes you a “Powerhouse”? What is the source of your strength?

CDH:  I am very driven.  I was laid off from a corporate job in 2009 and have struggled to keep the lights on since 2009.  I constantly prayed for direction.  Having my kids and not allowing my situations to get me down, keeps me driven.  I Personally, I do not consider myself a “Powerhouse” yet, because I am not as successful as I would like to be.  Consider me a “Powerhouse In Progress.”  I am working on a few projects that would put me in the “Powerhouse” position in 2-3 years.  The source of my strength is God and my children.  Having my children and being able to have them watch me accomplish my goals, inspires and strengthens me.

HMM: Are you currently working on any new books?

CDH:  As far as new books, I am currently working more on the motivational side.  The world is full of love, romance and/or hood novels, but there are very few books of strength, guidance and inspiration, so I am working on that.

HMM: What can we expect from you in the future?

CDH:  What I expect of myself and what you should look forward to in the future is me being on the New York Times Best-Selling list by the end of the year.  My new romance/drama will be out in the spring and my online seminars will be up and available in the spring as well.

HMM: How can they purchase a copy of this book?

CDH: All my books are available on

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