Words from the CEO


Stefany J. | Editor In Chief


This summer’s issue is HAWT off the press, has all the HAUTE looks, and has nothing but feature stories some of the HOT sisters from HOTLANTA.

As usual, time constraints, kept me busy and things delayed, however, the staff and I were able to press on in true Hustle MAMA style, and for that I am always proud.

We have also incorporated quite a few feature stories about relationships, food, and the personal journeys of entrepreneurs following their desires and living out the lives of their dreams.

I think, by far, I am most impressed and endeared by my girlfriend Felicia’s “coming out” to the world about her very personal battle with Alopecia and literally using social media as the platform for her BIG REVEAL.

I think it would be an absolute joy if we were able to get women and young girls alike to have enough courage to be themselves, authentically and confidently.

It pains me to see the destruction of what these cheap weaves, expensive hair extensions, and chemically treated additions are doing to women who have already damaged their natural hair.

We are literally funding a Billion Dollar industry and voluntarily bringing harm to ourselves both inside and out… leaving what is lacking within to create a further gaping hole of emptiness that will never be filled as long as there are external options to secure and continue providing a mask for women to hide behind.

This issue is about FREEDOM of every kind.

Freedom to think, speak, do and BE EVERYTHING you have ever wanted and desired in your heart and know that you know it is not only possible but IT IS SO!

From a prosecuting attorney who left her thriving private law practice to grow her culinary gift, to a writer, director and producer whom you would never expect to have such a heart-felt journey – I hope that the stories shared hit home and heal all who read through our pages.

And as En Vogue said, “FREE YOUR MIND, and THE REST WILL FOLLOW”.

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