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My Life’s Work by Stefany J. | Editor In Chief



My life’s work —Sometimes you have to clean out those ‘mail boxes’ of the mind because a good WORD might get lost in all the junk.

Sometimes you have to clean out that heart, because a good person might get lost in the sauce. Sometimes you just have to unfold those arms and leave them wide open to be able to receive what’s yours! There can never be a ‘more added to you’ if you’re too full to receive in the first place.

There’s a reason for every season…nature has a way of bringing order and balance in spite of our blatant disrespect of the beauty and sustenance it gifts to us. I call that the grace and mercy given to those who know not what they do. Sometimes in order for trees to grow, the pruning process is needed. When trees have withered and died, it’s usually as a result of some irreparable damage that’s been done to its foundation (the trunk) and therefore it has to be cut before it inadvertently causes other damage. I know for this tree, I’ve had to go through a pruning process every season, and it has not been easy. This year’s winter brought the pruning/purging of all that was dead on these branches (extended arms of mine)…I had to let go of people, places, and PLENTY OF THINGS. That includes both material and emotional (and I would venture to say that sometimes they feed off of one another).

The same holds true for the Universe at large. I mean, just think about it. God in his infinite wisdom tells us that he will open up windows from heaven and pour out blessings that we would not have room enough to receive. For years in my teachings I would equate those blessings to be in the form of his people and the wealth of resources, and the immeasurable value they bring into our lives if we allow…. but I have since learned that there must be a likened frequency between folks if you are going to do some great things together.

As I expand my prayer life’s work, and of course my thinking I also find that an acknowledgment of those ‘blessings’ spoken of also flow if you will or rather are poured INTO our spirits.

We are fed a never-ending amount of information, seeds to be planted and harvested for a season, purpose and time. I know that there is not room enough to receive because when you are in alignment, and those ‘resources’ are being poured into your life, and those ‘seeds’ being given to you to sow are plenty — there seemingly aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, months left on the calendar to accomplish the ALL being given to you.

I say that when you begin to feel the clutter mounting up, it is because either you did not share, let go, or harvest (plant) what has already been given you or you are just a hoarder and not much unlike the servant who buried his talents out of fear. No matter what category you find yourself, know that it’s never too late to start SPRING CLEANING. Clear your mind and the rest will follow. Whatever pre-conceived notions or perceptions you are holding on to keep the faith and let it go. Let the old things die during your winter season and allow the SPRING to bring your new harvest!


My life’s work is not about being famous, nor about people thinking I’m wonderful.

My goal is not to make people famous or pump them up even more than they are.

My life’s work is about showing the world the reflection of the best parts of itself by reminding them of the everyday people who are already WONDERFUL and in my eyes quite FAMOUS for just being who they are and who they were always meant to be.


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