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Everyone asked me why I didn’t contribute to the launch issue of the publication and write as most editors of magazines do.

The truth is I never thought about writing a piece because I believed the entire publication to be indicative and quite representing my ‘voice’ and heart’s sentiments. Now, however, I do see the value in being a bit more transparent and less assuming about what others see, read, and come to know about me, the Hustle Mama, my life, and this movement at large.


Realizing that initially when hearing the name Hustle Mama, some may immediately think pessimistically and degradingly about its attributes and inferences.

I love the fact that I am able to have an opportunity to influence public perceptions and opinions about simple words and shift the paradigm from negative to positive when it’s heard and used.

I believe that it means even more to me because as a woman of African-American, Native American, and European descent, and my identification as a Black Woman and “Other” when I’m specifically asked – also comes with a TITLE that makes me subject to public opinions, thoughts, and societal judgments much like the name HUSTLE MAMA.

Personally, I feel that in some small way if my goal to have women of every race, income bracket, religion, creed, ethnicity, demographic and geographic residence adopt this term that embodies so much in power, character, mindset, and influence then there is actually hope for us as minorities, as mixed-races, and as individuals.

If an entire nation can end up adopting a loving and embracing emotional trigger when the name Hustle Mama is referenced instead of a skeptical one, then that means we have the ability to do the very same for any and every term that has bred negativity in their connotation simply because of the attributes we’ve subscribed to and ascribed to when using them.

Hustle Mama is not about being a mother or even having children of your own.

It’s not about being a boss or the boss in your workplace. It’s not about being controlling or in control of all things. Hustle Mama is not about what you have or what you’ll do. It’s more about what you ascribe to in principle and deed.

Being a Hustle Mama extends far beyond a mindset or frame of reference. It’s the art of being the best you possible for yourself and those who become a part of your world either temporarily or permanently.

A Hustle Mama is a woman about so many things, going through just about everything, and dreaming anything is possible while knowing deep down she’s capable of all things. In a Hustle Mama’s world, the opportunities are endless and her ability to flow with the move of the

The universe is a given!


My life’s work is about showing the world the reflection of the best parts of itself by reminding them of the everyday people who are already WONDERFUL and in my eyes quite FAMOUS for just being who they are and who they were always meant to be.





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