Wonder Twin (YOU & the I AM) Powers ACTIVATE!

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 28, 2020, at 1:00 pm

When someone behaves poorly, it’s always because they’ve forgotten how powerful they are, how beautiful life is, and how much they’re loved.

This was the Universe teaching I woke up to this morning and dependable indeed. While I believe they’re in no coincidence that almost everything that plagues man’s human walk here on earth (as far as I’m concerned) has to do with the lusts of the flesh (Pride | Greed | Selfishness | Sexual Immorality), I am also convinced that everything plaguing man’s spiritual walk here on this earth is directly tied to the ‘problems with the GREAT” (Fear | Insecurity | Arrogance | Complacency).

My entire life’s work history before January 2010 was spent working my way up a corporate ladder one step at a time. I started at the lowest stages (at least by my measures) and began the climb. I’ve worked at a fast-food restaurant, for a janitorial service or as Florence would put it as “a Household Techniiiiishhhian”..lol, as ‘A GIRL’ for affluent Caucasians (if you know what I mean and if you don’t let’s just say I’m writing a book that is set in the ’40s), a telephone operator, secretary, administrative assistant, coordinator, Chief of Staff, Manager, Director, Executive Director, Vice President and now CEO.

I learned over the 22 years and that very enduring climb, that who Stefany was as a secretary was who STEFANY was as a VP and even now as a CEO. While I was plagued with a lot of insecurities and traumas from childhood (and NOT at the hands of my parents as some have lived), but at the hands of others, it grew me into a person who could never singly identify anything excellent or worth in myself to hold on to. As a result, I had to dream. I had to shut myself off from people, even when in their presence (that’s what young children who are molested learn to do- numb themselves from being ‘aware’), and it became a skill that I developed a little too well.

For indeed we lose the ‘VIBRANCY’ of all there is about this LIFE’s experience when we are unable to see, know, and subsequently enjoy the presence and beauty of the NOW and consciously learn that in living in the LOVE of NOW we inadvertently begin to shift and understand that the POWER of then is still within us and forgiveness gives us that power. Once your consciousness is awakened, you further discover the POWER of WHAT IS TO BE belongs with you and always has – because it was BREATHED INTO YOU and BORN WITH YOU.

The activation of the power of LOVE, the power of a consciousness that discovers THE LOVE of THE I AM, is an unyielding force that must be developed and harnessed to do GREAT things. Do only GREAT people do GREAT things? That is what most ordinary people surmise. The truth of the matter is the only ordinary that exists in this world are those things without life or form.

EVERYONE comes into this world extraordinary at birth – so it’s the GREATNESS IN and OF people that do GREAT things. So if you were unaware, let me just help you along by speaking with you “WONDER TWIN POWERS, ACTIVATE!!!!”

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