Ohio was listed as one of the most popular states Americans were moving to in 2016. The great Midwestern state cities are beginning to catch millennials’ eye, looking for a place to settle with better housing prices and an exciting economy. One of those cities is Cleveland: a city on the rise. Here are some cool and fascinating facts you should know before deciding to make your move to Cleveland, Ohio.

1. No one bats an eye at a little snow. Depending on where you are moving from, you might already be used to having a white winter, but if you not, then realize that natives in this town and handle the cold with pace.

2. The typical commute in this city is 23 minutes or less. For some people used to driving through hoards of traffic every morning and evening, this number is probably sounding good right about now.

3. It’s more diverse than people think. One hundred seventeen different nationalities call this city home. Visit Slavic Village or Little Italy to get a taste of some good old world cooking.

4. The job market is on the rise. Downtown Cleveland has been transforming itself over the past few years, and there is a booming job market for people in the Biotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing, and IT fields.

5. Who can forget the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. This is a legendary place, and people travel from all over the world to see it. Although once you are a local, you might be sick of having to take all your out-of-town guests here but let’s face it, it’s still pretty awesome!

6. Being at the edge of Lake Erie, some would consider it the Midwest’s version of a coastal city. While it might not be the Pacific Ocean, there is sand, and when there is the sun, the lake is alive with all sorts of beach time activities.

7. Say what you might about Cleveland’s sports teams but what other city has three major teams in baseball, basketball, and football with all their stadiums within walking distance of each other? If you like sports, this might be the perfect trifecta.

8. Local foods and local brews. Downtown Cleveland is becoming all about restaurants with locally sourced food and craft breweries galore.

I hope you appreciated these entertaining facts about why people are saying yes to Cleveland, Ohio!