by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 7, 2020, at 1:00 pm

I am single first and foremost because the man whose rib is the bone surrounding my heart has yet to come and claim it. There is only one man’s rib that I was created from and for. Now I have had many decoys only to discover that when that time comes, there will be no question. He’ll be the one I am supposed to adore, and this pain of singlehood until then is what I must endure.

I am single quite simply because I meet men who want me for all the wrong reasons. Either they want a sex partner, a pretty date for a function, the use of my intelligence to help their business along, or just another female to add to their collection and be on her arm.

I am single because I’ve chosen to turn down all white suitors and wait for the man who looks like me… the one who is for me. I think I’ve met him, you see, but no because he’s not available to me.

I am single because my brothers believe that I won’t date them. After all, they have less education, make less money, or because they have a blue-collar profession, so they don’t even bother to ask me out. I can’t move forward in getting to know anyone when they aren’t also comfortable enough to speak to me. What they don’t know is they miss out on me, and their chance at a new-found destiny.

I am single because I dress and look like a man is taking care of me or like I’m too high maintenance so again, I get passed over as ‘unattainable,’ ‘unachievable,’ but know that it’s unmistakable because no one, not one has ever bought me a thing or done a something for me. I have worked, and other than a hallmark card, no not a credit card… have never received a gift.

I am single because the man who I was created for has not entered the time nor space to come and capture his queen, so here I am… with the hopes that one day a man will love himself enough to know he deserves me and love me enough to know I deserve him and be free enough to marry me.

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