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LOOSE KNOT By: JL Collingwood

J. Lynden Collingwood is a young Liberian author, poet, writer, public speaker, activist, producer and song writer. He was born on January 20th 1980 in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. At age seven he wrote a play for his parents’ wedding anniversary, and even as early as then, his mother realized that he was going to be a talented young man. This is a part of the backdrop that influences his writing.

A few years after writing that play, the civil war broke out in Liberia causing countless deaths, loss of homes and people being displaced. Sadly Mr. Collingwood, like many other Liberian children was an eye-witness to some of these events. There began the formation of that backdrop of his life that would lead him to writing poetry.

During the civil war there were events witnessed by him to which most ten-year-olds would not have been exposed. There were a lot of unanswered questions. His life suddenly changed and he and his family had to flee to Ghana where they became refugees. Over the years he had the privilege of living in numerous countries under various circumstances. Eventually, he and his family were able to settle in the States, where he pursued his love for writing.

In the earlier stages of his writing he focused more on love, wanting to erase some of the things he witnessed during the civil war. Mr. Collingwood has written over 5,000 poems. Some of his topics have been love, politics, famine, peace, equal rights, and racism.

He has been a guest on two internet radio stations, Akwaaba radio and Sunlight radio stations; and also, performed a live humanitarian piece for the Ghanaian Ambassador in May 2011

Mr. Collingwood is a proud Author. His first book, Loose Knot, a book of love poems has had great reviews from the public. He is also currently, working on two new books to be released at a later date.

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