Appropriately Dressed: What To Wear For A Job Interview

Long gone are those days when wearing a tailored suit to a job interview was compulsory. Time changed drastically, and so has fashion. The immense growth of industries and new jobs have provided several options for the workforce to do whatever job they like, the ability to work from home, flexible hours, staying connected at work and comfortable dressing for the office.

Apart from your academic brilliance, skills, professional experience, getting that perfect job require your hiring manager to know you well during the interview. The phrase “the first impression is the last impression” really matters here, your hiring manager will judge you on your skillset and academic qualification; he will also judge you based on your appearance. So you’re grooming, and overall dressing counts a lot. What you decide to wear on a job interview can break or make your chances of landing for the dream job.

The work departments in a company have become so diverse that the idea of a single dress code for the entire office has become unrealistic. It pushes the HR managers to reconsider the dress code according to the job requirements and description of the employees. Jobs that need creativity and humor don’t require the employees to wear boring clothes or too formal clothes like a suit at work, but it also doesn’t mean that you can dress up in casual attire.

Before going for your job interview, you can call the HR manager to ask what kind of dress code does the company follow or do some research on the dress code yourself. If the employees are allowed to wear jeans with regular T-shirts, then you can aim for a more polished look by wearing a blazer and button-down dress shirt.

If the companies in which you are applying have a conservative dressing sense for women and they are allowed to wear sheath dresses, pants, and blouses. Then wear a sheath dress with a blazer to nail that interview. The key to looking perfect is by wearing your dress in a better way and without appearing too formal.

If the company is strict with their dress code that you have to wear suits only to work, then this is the right time to get it cleaned and get it pressed, and if you don’t have one, then time to buy yourself a new one. The fact is that when you know you are looking good, you instantly feel confident and better, and that’s how you can land into your dream job.