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Wendy Massey: The Whole Armor of God Press Release

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The Happy Being Me Ministry is proud to announce the third book by acclaimed Christian author Wendy Massey. ‘The Whole Armor of God’ is an immersive experience designed to raise up the lives of children through a spiritually fulfilling message of love and support. Giving testimony to Christ’s teachings, Wendy’s writing empowers and educates young minds in a fun and enjoyable environment which knows no bounds.

‘The Whole Armor of God’ is an activity book leading children on a spiritual adventure of discovery supplemented with songs, crosswords, games and tasks. Every compelling moment within the Armor Box is touched with God’s love and is the ‘read they need’ when our children are confronted with the seemingly unattainable material world.  

Bullied as a child herself and feeling trapped in her own home because of her fear of the outside, Wendy turned to God to give her the might to smite her anxiety. She truly understands the struggles that children face to make it through the world we have created for them. ‘The Whole Armor of God’ is her faith-based solution to ease that suffering, and through turning her weaknesses into strengths, she is able to show children what it means to live in God’s grace, power and authority.

To protect them and help them grow, Wendy shows kids how to don their armor and prepare for the battles that lie ahead. To fight off the temptation of God’s enemy and to make decisions that are both wise and inspired by love. Each component of the armor is designed to protect and reward them for living their lives in Christ’s spirit. 

The fear that consumed her as a child has been replaced by the realization that being empowered by God makes you free. That is the central message of ‘The Whole Armor of God’. While the world can be a dark and scary place sometimes, Wendy Massey has written a piece of work that celebrates life in all its glory, and gives comfort and energy to the next generation.

As God’s dawn leads into a horizon blessed with His love, ‘The Whole Armor of God’ is the exact guide our children will need to make the world a better place. Released this coming Winter, let Wendy Massey’s latest work take your children to a world of joy, love and peace.

Wendy Massey is an author inspired by God to raise up the lives of people through a spiritually fulfilling message of love and support. Her fervent ambition is to educate and empower those around her through Christ’s teachings in a fun and enjoyable environment.

As well as being a twice-published author, she is a motivational speaker, certified life coach, and ordained minister with her own personal journey giving her the drive to share that accumulated knowledge and improve the lives of others. 

Being bullied as a child and feeling trapped in her own home because of fear of the outside world, she turned to God to give her the strength to overcome her anxiety. Now as a Sunday School teacher, God further blessed Wendy with her ministry called ‘Happy Being Me!’, and she shares that same message through books, video and song. She is determined to feed her audiences’ souls with positivity and light, and is just about to release her third book in the children’s category called ‘The Whole Armor of God’. 

“I truly want to help people to be free from fear; to not feel the way I did when I was a child. I am now free, and I want to support others to experience the same thing!”

Venturing into a new challenging world with God at her side, Wendy Massey dons her armor to lead the ministry forward. She wants to help people recognize that what makes them different is their superpower. In the words of the sacred scriptures, ‘Through Christ we can do all things’ (Phil 4:13).

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