Monday, July 4, 2022

Wear Your Size

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As a plus size woman myself, we have options to buy nice stylish clothes without wearing a muumuu. I hate those things. They are ugly and look like a big tent. Burn them in a bonfire I say.

Since I am a plus size woman, I like comfort in my clothes but not so comfortable that things aren’t in place. Too many women of size don’t know how to dress according to their body shape and they either wear their clothes too big or not big enough. I would like to give a few tips on how a plus size woman can cover, hide or flatter problem areas.

The stomach area is the biggest concern because I see a lot of women with large bellies and too little pants or shirts. I see women all the time wear smaller size shirts that don’t fit and their stomach is hanging out of the bottom. If you have a rotund belly your shirt should cover the entire stomach. We are not supposed to see this. If this is happening, your shirt is too small and you are in denial about what size you are actually supposed to wear.

Another problem for women is the waist of your pants is too tight. Some women actually put their belly over top of the waist of their pants. Please don’t squeeze your big belly into a smaller size pant. This will create a muffin top over your pant waist and that is visible through your shirt, blouse, sweater etc. Your pant waist should fit not constrict your waist line. This is another denial technique women use to psyche themselves into thinking they wear a size 10 when they really wear size 12 or 14. Wear your size.

Another big issue is big arms. If your arms are large, you should consider wearing sleeves. Tank tops are for women who have slender arms. If you can raise your arms and they jiggle or meaty and hang, then a sleeveless shirt shouldn’t be worn. The shirt sleeve should fit loosely on the arm enough to where you can move your arms freely without worrying if you’re going to hulk out of them.

Another bad idea for big girls is stretch pants, Lycra or spandex. No woman larger than a size 16 should wear these materials especially if you have cellulite which the ripples and dimples are highly visible. Grab you a pair of body shapers to smooth out your dents; every plus size woman should have one.


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