by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 27, 2020, at 6:00 pm

I know it’s been a couple of days since I left a post, but if you knew what these past few days have been like, trust me, you would UNDERSTAND.

There’s a quote by Jean-Henri Fabreojobj, which reads, “….Seek those who find your road agreeable, your personality and mind stimulating, your philosophy acceptable, and your experiences helpful…. Let those who do not seek their kind.”

I have learned these past few days that finding your space and place among those who operate on a similar vibration to you is not as easy as one might think. And while there will be many who will come close, extremely close – I’m going to be that it’s more of a “no cigar” type of thing more often than not. SMILE… But here’s the thing, what if it is within the purpose of who we are, to assist others with elevating their perspective, their energy of light, and their vibration.

What if it is each soul’s purpose to walk in love enough of the time to impact and affect the consciousness of those around us. What if by some small chance, instead of doping us with the unrealistic ‘reality’ tv programming, music videos promoting the very degradation of the society we should esteem, the false highs of mega ministries which are fraudulent instead of genuine, the reversed non-investment in educational institutions as opposed to the continuous re-investment of correctional institutions – what if we were to extend our most significant efforts and our high impact of energy towards sowing into the lives of one another with the goal of sharing, loving, teaching, learning, and healing?

What if we expensed and budgeted more dollars in waging peace rather than the money spent in waging war? What kind of world would we have if people in leadership positions understood they were temporary for personal growth, and there was a required surrender of such places so that other leaders could also have a chance? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it???? But so did flying in an airplane at one time, driving a motorized car at another, and microwaving food – who would have ever thought we could instantly prepare food when we didn’t even have color picture tubes.

I would venture to say that if we could leave all of our arrogant selfishness behind us and accepted one another with the understanding that we are here to build up each other and jointly reap the benefits of such, we could begin to start a movement. One has already started. There are those enLIGHTened ones who are very aware of the consequences of behavior that promotes selfishness, competitiveness, envy, and ill will towards any man. There are those who understand that ALL LIVING THINGS operate on a vibration level. While the man may have dominion over animals, he is indeed behind the eight balls as far as usurping resources at a rate quick enough to drain earth that has an operating efficiency of MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.

It has become painfully clear to me that while we spend our lives in the pursuit of the exactness of spreading the GOOD NEWS and agape love, those who are not in a space or place of being willing and able to receive are the same who can inadvertently interfere with our frequency and vibration levels. As sad as it may seem, it is more a necessary evil and one of survival of the fittest. And while those who are in constant pursuits of monetary gains and success believe they have it all figured out, the truth of the matter is that all temporal things are just that, and there is a definite shift in progress.

Now, on which side will you find yourself? With those who KNOW or those who think they do?

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