Wait for Love By Wanda D. Hudson


One on one interview with Wanda D. Hudson.

HMM: What is the title of your latest work?

Wanda D. Hudson: Dating Wanda is the book I’m currently working on.

HMM: Are you independently published?

Wanda  Hudson: I publish through my company, Miss Luv’s Books.

HMM: What professional titles are you known by?

Wanda  Hudson: Author, Radio Host and Comedian

HMM: Where were you born and where do you currently live?

Wanda  Hudson: I was raised in Niagara Falls NY and I currently reside in Albany NY.

HMM: What personal titles do you go by?

Wanda D. Hudson: Diana and Dasia’s mother

HMM: Are you Christian? Are you Spiritual?

Wanda D. Hudson: I’m a Christian and I have a wonderful relationship with The Father.

HMM: What are your thoughts on God and what He has done for you?

Wanda D. Hudson: God does exist. I can write a book on what He’s done for me. I guess one of the great things is that He loves me. Always has and always will.

HMM: Your radio/talk show, what is the name? When does it air (day and time), how can they tune in?

Wanda D. Hudson: I no longer host Wanda’s Way on BTR, but I am on a local station in Albany NY every Sunday morning from 8am-12pm. FLY 92.3. You can listen online at www.fly92.com

HMM: Have you worked alongside of any professional actors/singers?

Wanda D. Hudson: Back in 2003 I was on an episode of The Chappelle Show. I was a rump shaker behind Busta Rhymes.

HMM: Are you involved with any workshops and/or as an author, how do you help others accomplish their dreams and/or what advice do you have for new upcoming aspired writers?

Wanda D. Hudson: I haven’t done a workshop in years. My advice for new authors is to write. Get it out and write it down. Worry about editing – please get a professional editor – later. Write! Write! Write! Listen, read, learn and write!

HMM: What books have you written? Have any been done as a playwright?

Wanda D. Hudson: My books are Wait for Love: A Black Girl’s Story and LuvMe. I have 2 short stories in two different Zane anthologies. Beauty in Succulent – Chocolate Flava 2 and The

Finest Man in Purple Panties.

HMM: What is the name of the play you are currently working on? Any stars as cast?

Wanda  Hudson: My books haven’t been made into a play as of yet. Funny, but I was cast as the role of Mickey the Cop in the female version of

Wanda  Hudson: The Odd Couple. Of course I was the star.

HMM: Are you an active board member and/or part of any committees?

Wanda  Hudson: No. That’s something that I should look into, though.

HMM: Are you currently working on any new books?

Wanda  Hudson: Dating Wanda. It’s a collection of comedic short stories. The main characters name just

happens to be Wanda.

HMM: What can we expect from you in the future?

Wanda  Hudson: A full time radio show and more comedy shows. I’ve produced 2 very successful shows this year and will do more. Of course more books from Miss Luv’s Books.

HMM: How can they purchase a copy of this

Wanda  Hudson: My books are available on Amazon or my website. You can also request them at your local bookstore.