By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan and Eric Crawford

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day

Congratulations on making the best decision of still reading this article after the opening line.  We believe in love, although some of us disagree on the holiday.

Valentine’s Day was created to celebrate the person you love and what you have with that person.  Not only is it a day to celebrate the holiday, but it is also a day to claim the day to show love to all the special people in your life, friends and family included.

A Woman’s Perspective

As a woman, I love holidays.  I love having a reason to celebrate my significant other and my loved ones.  Yet, I do not only focus on the one day, Valentine’s Day.  I believe in the importance of showing love and appreciation year-round, not just on a holiday.  Yes, as far back as I can remember, people think Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday.  Although true, I think this holiday is for men too.  In a marriage or relationship, it is about giving and taking.  So on this special day, just like any other day, I will have a gift for my significant other in return.  For me, love is life.  Not a one day, but an every day situation.  I wake up and go about my day with “I Love You’s” and I end my night with well wishes and a hug and kiss or as the sign above our bed says “Always Kiss Me Goodnight!”  I like to believe that if by chance, today is my last day, that my significant other, as well as my family and friends, knows they are and were loved daily and not just because of a holiday or a gift.

A Man’s Perspective

I have never been fond of Valentine’s day as far back as I can remember. It was fun in grade school and junior high school to see how many cards and hearts you would get from girls, but as I grew older and started getting into relationships, it started to feel like a day when you are FORCED to show your love for your partner.   When you love someone, you love them daily and there shouldn’t be a sappy day set aside to celebrate each other. A couple’s love should be celebrated on the regular. Valentine’s day sets ridiculous standards, the one thing that most relationships should be free of. Why be forced to be romantic on a day when your boss asked you to come in early and stay late?  Why be forced to be romantic when your cramps are killing you like never before? LoL.  Romance is very important in a relationship, but for a made-up holiday we should not be forced to express our love just because its February 14th. If you don’t think its forced or if you don’t think there are standards, just watch how many of your friends ask you “what did he do for you for Valentine’s day?”