Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day is a classic tradition for many men (and women!) to give as special gifts and mementos of love. There are many flower colors to choose from, and here we look at what each flower color means.

1. Red. The color red has always meant love and passion. Giving red roses lets your sweetheart know how much you love them and that you guys still have that passion in your life. Red roses are a classic and symbolic Valentine’s Day floral gift for any special person in your life.

2. White. This color traditionally stands for humility and innocence. Many times, an engaged couple will give each other white roses (or other white flowers, such as calla lilies or carnations) to symbolize their love and the innocence of their engagement. Other white flowers include delicate white orchids, Easter Lilies, Tea Olives, Lily of the Valley, the delicate paper-thin Wedding Dance Amaryllis, Hollyhocks, the Straw Flower, and Water Lilies.

3. Yellow. Although sometimes yellow roses are associated with funerals, they are classically given to a person that you are very close to, like a special or best friend. Yellow roses are fast becoming a symbol of a growing love you have for a special person in your life. Other yellow flowers include sunflowers, daisies, daffodils, yellow tulips, and even beautiful yellow orchids.

4. Pink. Pink roses and other flowers generally are associated with admiration and great appreciation for someone, like a dear friend or someone that you are growing very close to, and also a symbol of love and awareness. Other varieties of beautiful pink flowers include gorgeous pink carnations, pink zinnias, pink chrysanthemums, gorgeous pink hydrangeas, and fragrant pink hyacinth.

5. Orange. This color is often ignored, but orange roses are a beautiful color to give for Valentine’s Day, and the generally symbolize having a new love interest, so boyfriends (and girlfriends) should choose to give orange roses or other orange hued flowers as a Valentine’s Day floral gift. Other orange flowers include tiger lilies, cosmos, marigolds, African daisies, and the beautiful Asiatic lily.

6. Purple. Purple flowers symbolize royalty, admiration and respect. Lavender is another lovely color for a floral gift, and many people give purple or lavender flowers to spouses when they have been together for a long time. Purple and lavender flowers include: fragrant hyacinth, irises, purple roses, lilac, heather, purple or lavender tulips, purple toad lilies, sweet peas, hydrangeas, phlox, purple passion flowers, purple larkspur, and the beautiful (but rare) purple lisianthus.

7. Blue. Blue flowers have a very special meaning; just a few of its meanings is faithfulness and loyalty. Beautiful blue flowers include the rare blue rose, gorgeous blue irises, soft blue hydrangeas, the blue star anemone, blue delphinium, blue bells, blue forget-me- nots, blue poppies, gorgeous blue Cupid’s Dart flowers, the Belladonna blue delphinium, blue geraniums, the Ritz Blue Pincushion flower, Blue Moon Phlox perennial, blue Ladybells, the stunning ice blue clematis, the ìBlue Chiffon Rose of Sharon (also rare), the fancy Blue Parrot Tulips, blue hyacinths, and the Jolly Bee geranium.