The answer to this pervious question is yes of course! There are plenty of activities that tourists who spend their vacations in Dubai would surely enjoy. Although Dubai does not have a rich history like other cities in the region like Cairo, Rabat, Baghdad, and Damascus, the city has lately turned into a notable cultural and entertainment hub.

One of the relatively new attractions of the city is Opera Dubai, the latest astonishing contribution to the cultural activities of Dubai. Established in 2016, the new Opera of Dubai accommodates more than 2000 spectators. Featured with international opera, theatre, ballet, classical music, and many more shows, the opera would be quite interesting to visit while spending a holiday in Dubai.

For vacationers that spend their vacations in Dubai who are fond of architecture and history, Al Bastakiya Neighborhood would be their perfect destination. This neighborhood is among the oldest in the city and where all this new civilization was born.

Restored at the end of the 19th century, the original inhabitants of Al Bastakiya came from Persia during the 18th century and resided in this area. They mingled with the Arabs and formed their own district and community in Dubai. This is why the architecture of the neighborhood is a unique blend of Arabian and Persian styles and outlines.

Another wonderful place to spend a day trip is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Founded in 2002, the reserve was established to house some of the rate desert animals and plants that were endangered. Today, the reserve welcomes hundreds of tourists who travel to Dubai.

In 2004, the first group of animals began their stay in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Today, after a long process of development and renovation, the surface area of the reserve reached 225 square kilometers which is around 5% of the total surface area of the city of Dubai.

Travellers who tour Dubai and love nature and beautiful scenery would surely love exploring the Miracle Garden. With more than 45 million roses from 40 types, and a surface area of 72,000 square meters, the garden was named the miracle due to its accurate designs and outlines all made out of roses and flowers. Genes.

The garden was nominated for the Guinness Book of Records when the workers of the garden built the flowers pyramid with a base that has a surface area of more than 144 square meters. The Miracle Garden is a perfect choice for the family or for any traveler enjoying his holiday in Dubai and would love to indulge himself in beauty and charm.

Who would like to have a ride all over the city of Dubai? I guess every vacationer touring Dubai would love to! Well, among the most amazing rides of the city, there is the Big Bud of Dubai. This double decker bus takes passengers in a ride to view and admire all the highlights of the city.

Accompanied by audio demonstration in 8 languages,there are in fact two routs for the bus; the first takes passengers all over the city, while the other gives the guests a marvelous chance to view the wonderful beaches and port of the city.