When you realize how uniquely valuable you are, it’s easy to understand why the adversary attacks you so much.
Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let your problems cost you your purpose.
Don’t give your mistakes cost you your destiny; do not allow YOU to miss your blessing, and most of all, do not fall victim to allowing your permissive will to cancel out God’s perfect will for your life.!

Ohhh, I will BLESS THE LORD AT ALL TIMES, HIS PRAISES SHALL CONTINUALLY BE IN MY MOUTH… Oh, how I genuinely am IN LOVE with the LORD my GOD, of my SALVATION of WHOM I shall be afraid.

The only way to the great YOU ARE is through the more significant I AM. That is my guiding principle, and I am telling you it’s like FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES. Once you get the pouring into your soul, the LIQUID LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT… you can’t contain it, subdue it, quench it, nor stop the FLOW….


Setbacks are ONLY for the witnessing of COMEBACKS and SET UPs for GREATNESS!

Ladies, the man who knows and accepts all your faults and loves you just the same with everything he has is a GOODMAN.

There are plenty of WOMEN out here, beautiful ones w/a lot going for themselves. For every woman that does not have sex, there are ten who will. Men have their pick from a litter of meows. LOL.

However, a PURPOSED MAN, A GODLY MAN, has to be in alignment to look past the things of the world and the lust of his flesh to make that move. Men (Godly or not) know that you are THE ONE when the thought of any other man having the blessing of who you are and all you come with makes him sick.

So shake the dust off your feet, keep it moving, because THE ONE is waiting for you to show up and show out. BOOM!

Remember that when stupid things come out of the mouths of folks you never expect to come at you like that, it’s because they are intimidated. So when someone says something to you sideways, the appropriate reply is THANK YOU.

Some people MISS love when it shows up b/c they’re expecting a delusion. They don’t know what to expect; they’ve not been exposed to true love, so they may mistake it for something else. Just to shed a little light on what it sometimes looks like… It is PATIENT, it is KIND, it is LONGSUFFERING, it is COMPASSIONATE, it is FORGIVING, it is MEEK, it is BEAUTIFUL, it is WARM, it is INVITING, it is PEACEFUL, it is GENEROUS, it is GIVING, it is BUILDING, it is TOLERANT…it is not BOASTFUL, not PRIDEFUL, not COMPETITIVE, not ENVYING, not BACK BITING, not GRUDGE HOLDING…There that’s a good start.

The best way to find love on the outside (from a mate/partner) is to discover it on the inside (from within). To find love, OUT go IN.

There’s no such thing to me as FINDING love… we ARE LOVE, and that’s the point. We BRING LOVE to others, and it is through that BRINGING and SHARING that we engage in its vibration, and it is subsequently brought TO us THROUGH us… you can’t HIDE LOVE, you can’t FIND LOVE.. it FINDS YOU.

The only people I need in my circle are those warriors who are strong enough and uniquely vulnerable. BOOM!