Thursday, December 2, 2021

Tuning Into Light

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Bless others in your gaze by an engaging stare; You don’t need to identify the reason(s) that bring you bliss, joy, or happiness. Sometimes your life unfolds through well-deserved, synchronized occurrences, through planned actions receiving positive outcomes, your authenticity is what distinguishes you from others, it can be overwhelming, at times, and make you want to cry. Tears of unrealized dreams, only you know the reason for your fears; even when others don’t. YOU CAN HOLD YOUR HEARTFELT REACTIONS NEAR OR DEAR TO YOURSELF; BRING BLISSFUL FEELINGS BACK TO YOURSELF, ALWAYS LIVE IN BLISS; BLESS THE BLISSFUL EVENTS, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU; DO FOR OTHERS WHAT YOUR BLISSFUL BLESSINGS DO FOR YOU! ENJOY YOUR Joyful days, joy brings strength, and it can even lengthen the days that you feel thankful, powerful and rewarded by your choice to choose to remain calm, authentic and true to your nature of living, creating or thinking, be blissful, don’t despise your own life situation, things could always be worse.

BELIEVE IN WHAT IGNITES THE FIRE IN YOU; leading YOU to your authentic, internal flame that grew and grew, exasperating your buoyancy and fulfillment in your current reality. Gain animated authenticity, colored by what entices your genius potential; be secure in the knowledge that you have already accomplished many of your life goals. When we sleep, we dream. And create other forms of reality, dreams, from youth, have already been realized. As time propels forward, so do our thoughts let them come across in this dimension like you have already accomplished before by being authentic, original and by living your life, be true to your talent, education or skill.

As we dream, we go freely to ANOTHER dimension of EXPANDED UNDERSTANDING, WITHOUT EXCUSES, AVOIDANCE OF COMPLICATED CONCERNS, AND DEVOID OF OUR EGO. CHANGE OR AMEND your focus, concentrate on OMITTING ANOTHER’S FALLACIES- FILLED WITH LIES, GOSSIP OR JEALOUS RANTS, THESE ISSUES ARE THEIRS, NOT OURS, AND SIMPLY UNTRUE. How better can I explain this to you? Please comprehend, I intent is to enlighten my fellow man or woman.

Make things clear and uncomplicated, introduce enjoyment in your actions; however, you judge them, big, small, or insignificant. Give your best effort in everything that you do. Know that we are all inter-connected; Like tiny grains of sand, when put together make cement. All are the dots of life-giving cells, thoughts assimilating in your life; connecting you to the matrix of the bigger picture, and the very reason for our existence.

Soon you will be finely attuned to the impressive perception of life made simple; becoming a better antenna receptor for the gestation and electricity of your conspicuous, contemporaneous gestures, in ample and endless abundance, and extreme measure. Treasure your existence on earth! It can bring you great accomplishment, pain, or pleasure in a balanced effort. Brought about by doing simple things, that you allow yourself to do, uplift yourself, generate wealth; press your thoughts or buttons; cause yourself to smile, to seize with ease, the next given opportunity; seek over and over again and have fun while learning or enduring the process. You’ll be blissful and excited when you start painting, writing, dancing or, singing just like you had before when your life was more balanced and less complicated than how you choose to live now.

Live in bliss and happiness, perform one adventure after another, once the last event is over; move to the next adventure; venture into untraveled territory seeking new ways to rebuild, relearn a new craft, reinvent your talent, art, or skill.


I enjoy learning from you and others, offering me knowledge continuously!


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