by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 17, 2020, at 8:00 pm

The person who can’t handle YOUR TRUTH is not telling you THEIRS. I know sometimes strong women are a LOT to deal with in relationships, and I am one of those strong women.

I COME HARD, I COME HIGH, and I COME CORRECT… HOWEVER…. all I have ever expected and desired is that HE COME TO THE TABLE WITH THE TRUTH of WHO HE IS… Your best is all you have to give anyone, so it shouldn’t be hard to expect another to do the same and meet you halfway.

I am soooo loving ME right now. Ladies, I’m telling you GOD Is so good. HE WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look out for you if you are living right and tight up in alignment with Him.

BLOOM where you’re planted, and you’ll never go wrong or GROW WRONG. If you are planted in the WORD of GOD… You just go ahead and BLOOM right there. Don’t try to set up a shop where you don’t belong. You’ll only get picked at, stepped on, over, and plucked! At least growing from being planted in the WORD will get you SHINE because of your light. ONLY THEN can someone with that same brightness ever recognize the beauty of your bloom? ENJOY your SHINE!!! It’s that HIGH PRO GLOW OF JESUS IN YOU that only the JESUS in others will ever know and acknowledge. The rest will just throw shade b/c. That’s all they’re working with. BOOM! And GOOD NIGHT.

So it is becoming quite clear to me that walking in the supernatural has a person dibbling and dabbling in the NATURAL state b/c it’s familiar. Like when Peter lost focus and began to sink. WELL.. let’s just say you guys are in for an HMRA again today because there’s been some “FALLING DOWN ON ME” of late and you know how I feel about walking on water. It’s what I’m SUPPOSED TO DO and NOTHING LESS BOOM!

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