Pasta can be a healthy inclusion in a balanced diet. The pasta itself will not contribute to an unhealthy meal, but the sauces we choose to make can if we do not make good choices. Sauces that are heavy with thick cream are not suitable for those individuals on low-fat diets. Consider using healthier olive oils and mixing it up with different flavors and spice blends for a tantalizing taste of flavors from around the world.
I personally only eat gluten-free pasta, and I try to limit this to once a week. I do not follow a low-fat diet as I believe good fats are beneficial in assisting with weight loss and maintaining a healthy body. So when I cook pasta as a main meal, I then use the leftovers for snacks (when there are any leftovers!)
I like to try out different flavored olive oils as a smooth sauce for my pasta. For example, you could try these three flavors:
1. Thai Inspired Olive Oil – Thai-inspired extra virgin olive oil with lemongrass, garlic, basil, lime, and chili.
2. Mediterranean Olive Oil – Mediterranean basil, garlic, pepper, thyme, and lemon in extra virgin olive oil.
3. Picante Mexican Olive Oil – Mexican-inspired extra virgin olive oil with garlic, chili, lime, basil, pepper, and thyme.
These oils alone will add fantastic flavor to plain pasta. Imagine what you could do with adding some herb and spices too. Dull, boring past no more!
I think that the combination of a herb and spice blend with flavored oil, some fresh seasonal vegetables, pasta, and the addition of chicken strips would be just heavenly and healthy too.
There are three blends I would recommend you find:
1. A Moroccan blend – works beautifully with cooked lentils, chickpeas, or fresh vegetables.
2. A Mediterranean blend – when mixed with risotto rice and chicken or to flavor proteins, couscous, and vegetables, it is just fantastic.
3. A Tunisian style blend – a medium-hot blend with nuts, inspired by harissa to mix with lentils, chickpeas, and vegetables.
There are many combinations of oils, herb, spices, and ingredients you can use to add variety to your meals and include healthy pasta options.
Take your tastebuds on an international taste travel sensation!
Check the products you use contain no added MSG, preservatives, or gluten for a healthier you. A great inclusion for any pantry wanting to sample foods as flavored from all over the world.