Time Management as an Entrepreneur

Managing time is something every entrepreneur finds difficult at one time or another. While there is no magic solution for everyone’s needs, there are some easy tips you can implement in your life that will help you with maximizing your productivity.

Follow the yellow brick road to time management.

  • Make a To-Do-List | Having a clear and defined set of goals for the day will help you know exactly what needs to be done. This will eliminate time you would otherwise spend pondering the day of what needs to be done next. Make sure that you prioritize this list from the most to least pressing work so that way you can take care of the most important tasks first, and anything you would need to carry over into the next day’s list would then be of secondary as opposed to primary importance.
  • Stay Organized | How much time have you spent in the last week looking for that one document you misplaced, or searching for that one email with that single piece of information you needed right away? Staying organized can help you reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things and give you more time working on what actually needs to be completed.
  • Keep an Activity Log | Have you ever had that feeling that you’ve somehow lost a lot of time? That one day you’ve looked back on and thought to yourself, “I don’t even remember what I did”? Keep an activity log of what you do and how much time you spend doing it so you can find where those missing minutes went.

While there is no one size fits all solution, following these three basic tenants can you help you get started down the yellow brick road to time management, and with persistence help you reach the emerald city that is taking full advantage of every minute you have.



Brian Tracy has an awesome quick 3 minute video which I posted above that is about 5 Must Knows to Time Management. Take the time to watch it because it is well worth it.