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Things You Need to Know About Alkaline Water

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Our bodies require water to function correctly. We’ve been told since we were children how important it is to drink enough water every day. For your information, one of the many benefits of drinking water is that it increases energy and aids in fatigue relief. Reduces high blood pressure, keeps the body cool and prevents dry mouth, helps maintain normal bowel function and digestion, cleanses toxins from the body, lubricates joints and cartilages, reduces the urge for empty calories and will naturally help keep the weight off, and reduces stress and slows the aging process, among other benefits. But did you know there’s a type of water that can accomplish all of that and far more for your health?

Commercially available water with a high pH value is alkaline water, sometimes known as alkaline ionized water. The pH is a measurement of moisture’s acid-base balance. The carbon dioxide-bicarbonate-carbonate equilibrium mechanism regulates the pH of natural water, which typically fluctuates between 6.5 and 8.5. Dr. Anju Sood, a Bangalore-based nutritionist, believes that “Your body secretes many fluids. These liquids are now acidic. As a result, alkaline water will neutralize the acid at that moment. We usually recommend eating at least 70% alkaline and 30% acidic meals so that the body’s pH is balanced after consumption. When you don’t eat foods that don’t balance your pH levels in the body, alkaline water is recommended.”

Alkaline water and its benefits are more recent ideas to enter the already crowded field of wellness and healthy eating. It is claimed that drinking alkaline water has more health benefits than drinking regular water. It aids in slowing the aging process, regulates the body’s pH levels, and prevents many chronic diseases. Normal water cannot neutralize acid levels in the body; hence alkaline ionized water is used to accomplish so. Many health specialists believe this controversial health technique is overdone. Let’s take a look at some of alkaline water’s health benefits.

1. Boost Immunity
Healthy blood cells thrive in an alkaline environment, which boosts general immunity.

2. Removes sickness from your body
Arthritis, cancer, hypertension, digestive issues, weight issues, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, skin disorders, and acid reflux are all conditions that it helps to prevent. Alkaline water is thought to help manage blood sugar, which could benefit persons with diabetes.

3. Increases the amount of oxygen in the body
It has a high oxygen content and efficiently provides nutrients to your body cells, energizing you throughout the day.

4. It improves hydration.
Alkaline H20, like other forms of water, hydrates the body, and hydration is the cornerstone to everything. It swiftly penetrates your body at the cellular level, allowing you to hydrate your body more effectively. Getting your fill will offer you energy, assist your digestive system, and leave your skin glowing and dewy. It simply hasn’t been demonstrated to be more helpful than plain water in this regard.

5. Alkaline mineral source
Alkalinity is restored, and acidic poisons are flushed from the body with ionized alkaline water. It’s also a natural cleanser, and its antioxidants may help slow down the aging process.

6. It helps people live longer.
Lives are saved by injecting a sodium bicarbonate solution into their veins, which raises the pH of the patient’s urine to roughly 7.5-8.0.3. Ion trapping, a mechanism in which alkaline ions in the blood attach to acidic poisons, prevents the patient from dying due to the high alkalinity caused by sodium bicarbonate in the patient’s body. Drinking ionized alkaline water stimulates natural bicarbonates in the stomach, allowing the body to detoxify through urinary ion-trapping daily.

7. It promotes weight loss.
Ionized alkaline water supports healthy, natural weight loss by assisting the body in maintaining a suitable pH equilibrium. Studies claim that the industrialized world’s obesity pandemic is caused by excessive acidity in the body, stored in fat cells. Raising the body’s alkalinity can help you healthily lose weight:

8. Extending Your Life
Organic acids and active oxygen destroy physiological tissues, resulting in aging (free radicals).
In two ways, alkaline water might assist your body fight aging:
Acids are neutralized. Free radicals should be scavenged.
A balanced body heals spontaneously, and alkaline water is crucial for maintaining a good pH balance. Free radicals will wreak havoc on an acidic body, leading to arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

9. Improved bone health
Chronic acidemia is a condition in which the body’s acidity remains constant. The conventional Western diet of protein-rich meals and excessive use of soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol has been shown to cause persistent low-grade metabolic acidosis. The physiological response to this acidosis is for our bones to leak calcium to buffer the acidity in our bodies.

It’s vital to note that the amount of research and studies on alkaline water is somewhat restricted. The concept, on the other hand, is prevalent among both the masses and the elite. Many celebrities are proponents of the alkaline diet and have spoken out about its advantages. Because the diet is primarily vegetarian and free of processed foods, dairy, and meat, the results are usually accurate. Most people, however, are unable to adhere to the diet due to the drastic alterations in their meal plans and instead choose alkaline water. It’s also a possibility for you.

It might be discouraging to hear many health and wellness promises and feel like you need to spend more money to keep healthy. Good nutrition isn’t as tricky as many stories lead you to believe. We know that simply following dietary guidelines can improve your health: Consume a wide range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes; Reduce your intake of red and processed meats; If you do drink, do so in moderation. Though regular tap water is sufficient for hydration, alkaline water performs even better.



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