There was once a time before I became aware of the I AM power and level of 3rd Eye Consciousness, that I wore my generosity and kindness in business and personal relationships as a badge of honor.
Recently, I came to an awakening of sorts about the levels of value that people hold for themselves and others.

I realized that my business contracts and projects mirrored my history with social relationships in life and were suffering just as much, if not more.

Treating my company the same way, I gave TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN, TOO QUICKLY, and for far TOO LONG.

These behaviors bankrupted both, and it wasn’t until I had nothing more to give on either side that I realized I was the problem…. or rather my mindset.

After much introspection, reading, learning, and understanding, the problem revealed itself as soon as I looked in the mirror.

I couldn’t understand why, with all of the business connections, leads, networks of influential people, and personal high net worth individuals I had in my circle, I was still struggling financially and for pipelines of deal flow.

I was not only selling myself short and cheap, but I had traded my benevolence for charity and missionary work as my mantra for the way to deliver business.

I did more jobs for free than I charged for. I had more ‘back end’ deals than ‘front end checks,’ and those decisions caused me to go nowhere fast.

There were always people who tried to teach me differently, and God always thought enough of me to send ways to assist me with changing my mindset, perception, and approach to everything I put my hand and heart to. However, it was only after the cash losses ended up well into the upper six figures and there were no fifteen cents even to attempt to make the dollar out of, that I had the moment I needed so severely… my aha moment manifested….. and ahhhhh the life of an entrepreneur!

I learned a HARD but invaluable lesson. People RESPECT what they PAY for, and PAY for what/whom they RESPECT.

It gets no more straightforward than that. They are NOT charging causes people to feel entitled to receive and keep on taking without appreciation, as well as to disassociate from the value of what you bring to the table.

That vibration then becomes a mist over everything you say and do going forward…. sort of like the Midas Touch and having everything you touch turn to gold only in the opposite.

That “misty film” ends up being what others see first before they even see you and let me tell you that high net worth folks steer clear of that energy at all costs. I know, because I am now one of them.

I had a phone call the other day from a colleague about a proposed deal. I flat out told him, unless the agreement comes as an asset on the equity side of the balance sheet for my company and its services, I am in no way interested.

I don’t do back-end work, work-for-hire, work on commission, or maybe one-day promises. Those with whom I do business respect my worth and expertise enough to ask and deliver my retainers and fee-for-service, and without blinking twice.

I used to be scared to charge, and now that I know what I know, I am afraid of NOT TO, because I know the yield of not charging can take years to recover from.

Charging SETS THE TONE, solidifies expectations, and gives credence to the transaction.

As a result of my growth, I can offer TRUE BENEVOLENCE and gift what I feel, when I think to those whom I think need and are deserving of what I am gifting.

Just because a person cannot afford my rate, doesn’t mean I find a way to accommodate them.  Not at all.

I wish them well and send them love and success so that one day they can receive what I have to offer under an agreement of fair exchange.

And you know what is funny about that??? The ones who considered me invaluable, to begin with, always come back and do!