So as I prepare for yet another lap around this very cyclical universe, I have cause to share the importance of the prefix “RE” and the impact it has on us all.

REveal or REvelation – Can be of the most significant benefit to the one who is prepared, energetic, open-minded with love to REceive.

RElive – As long as there is breath in your body, you get to relive yesterday by doing things you did incorrectly the right way today and repeating all the things you did right over and over.

RElieve or RElief – Is best suited when you have cast your burdens and cares upon the Lord or when he has winked on you and handled a situation in which you were too ashamed to send his way. (smile)

REmember – Our memory is the dynamic that affects our blueprint. Choose to allow yours to design plans befitting a king or queen, such as yourself.

RElease – Is the ultimate back up to charted faith. Know it!

REdo – Just do it until you get it right.

REinvent – The dynamic and beauty of God’s forgiveness coupled with our learned wisdom, so we don’t ever miss a beat on the beaten path.

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