This morning, it became quite clear to me in this game of Life as some would call it, that some of us do not realize the ability we have within us to really mold and shape our paths as much as our roads have molded and shaped who we are.

If we were to go to the source of every experience, as painful as some of them may have been – we would have no choice but to acknowledge that those experiences we have been through have matured us, strengthened us, fashioned us, and even fueled us and our progression.

With that being said, we would also have no choice in looking forward to every account that happens to us with the knowledge and forethought that it is happening for a reason (even if that reason is our mistake in action or judgment). The lesson and value from it will become a part of our life’s card game and a contribution to the wealth we hold as a person who has been through some things.

Here’s the thing. If you want to win at this thing, you have first to know that you hold all the cards (all the keys) and that you always have the trump to play when you think you aren’t going to make it. Make sure you have identified what your trump card is and play it every time you need to. For some, their trump card may be their wit, their swagger, their ability to close a deal, their ability to win people to their way of thinking, their ability to convince, their ability to outshine, whatever it is.

For me, my trump card has always been the ability to survive a thing and love through it all. My trump card has been to truly allow the spirit of the Creator that is inside me do any tuning up or mechanic work that needs to be done so I can be a better person.

That way, I always win, and those who may have wanted me to fail always loose. I don’t give them the satisfaction of changing who I am or how I am because of what I’ve been through. Instead, I keep it moving and know that I’m trumped tight, so I’m always going to win!