The True Colors of Love— RELATIONSHIPS


In a world that has been so evolutionary over the past few decades and with technology being as progressive as it is, are we missing that once interpersonal connections that built bridges of relationships and forged community values through the myriad of various types of loving-kindness one towards another and for humanity in general?

Clearly dating and relationships have evolved light-years away from that “at first sight” glance or the ever so momentous “crystal stare”.

With internet dating sites of every measure springing up and profiles crossing sites and also the group meet up and travel phenomenon, it is no wonder that our younger generation has not only been excluded from understanding relationships in their “raw” and “rare” form beyond technology and the pictures on a handheld screen, they are also not privy to the once eclectic parts of the meeting, falling, and enjoying the different stages, faces, and colors and its evolution…