Spirituality helps to provide meaning and direction in one’s life. It can be found with God, doing yoga, meditating, or even simple self-reflection.

Being in touch with yourself and your surroundings helps you to find more peace.

For some, the connectedness of spirituality provides an outlet for when the never-ending stream of work from job and home begin to close in on you. Spending time with yourself alone, in the still and quiet of space and being present in each breath, gives you a moment to decompress from life, circumstances, and environment. It also lends an opportunity for you to visit thoughts of what you would like to see for yourself and your future.

Reflecting upon the areas that may need more attention from you is always a plus, and having the time to make yourself aware of possible negligence opens the door for any deficiencies to be remedied.

How common is it that we put too much effort in some things, pour too much into others, and spend way too much time on things of little merit? There is always an opportunity for us to self-improve and reallocate our time and resources to areas of our lives which will bring more balance.

When giving consideration to spirituality being the conduit for establishing a personal relationship with self through the eyes of the love relationship we’ve fostered with the Universe, God, our Creator (or whatever frame of reference you find comfortable and choose), we cannot help but personally grow outside of ourselves to the point where our growth incites others to do the same and our environments to respond in kind.

The identification of shortcomings is not meant to hinder, hurt, or diminish the self-worth or value of another human being; but rather to lend credibility to the notion that despite what may fall short, we never have to.

The presence of spirituality in one’s life does not necessarily guarantee an immediate balance, but at best it can help one identify where they may need to spend more time, provide more of an outlet, and task themselves with areas in work and life that may need improving. That is where the strength of spirituality in maintaining life balance lies, and where you can never go wrong.