The Man Behind The Collection

Eugene Melvin Sidney embarked on his journey as a fashion designer in 2008 after trying his hand at many different business ventures until he came upon his passion. He came up in the era when men dressed like gentlemen.

Eugene Melvin Sidney grew up in Los Angeles, California pattering himself after his father who was a true gentlemen and taught him a flare for fashion and a sense of style.

By the time Eugene Melvin Sidney entered junior high school he and his friends were getting their clothes tailor-made. When one of his best friends Mr. Dobie entered into the world of leisure and exposed Eugene to what it was to be a true man of leisure.

Dobie “The Sweet Man” as he is called on the street would lounge around his home in silk pajamas & robes & Prince Albert Velvet Slippers. That made such a big impression on Eugene Melvin Sidney that he decided to create a leisure wear line.

He started a clothing line with his ex-wife which they called The Sidney Collection. After 2 years of gracing runways in Hollywood & Beverly Hills his business partner decided to pursue other interests leaving Eugene with only a dream to become one of the biggest designer’s this world has ever seen.

In 2012 Eugene Melvin Sidney took a leap of faith. Set out on his own to create his signature leisure wear line which he calls Eugene Sidney The Collection. Which will launch in mid 2013. Eugene believes when you look like a king you feel like a king.