by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 10, 2020, at 1:00 pm

COMING OUT FROM UNDER THE ROCKS. It’s been an amazing two weeks since my last post. My life is full of twists and turns of every kind, coming from every direction, heading into the deepest parts of every place of my person. My most formidable enemy has always been and continues to be my mind. There are times when I just don’t feel up to the engagement of going to war with my thoughts, especially the defeating ones which try to keep me in a place and space of regret, childhood traumas, young adult tragedies, and the stripes of the wounds of my past and present.

As I embark upon these MAJOR CROSSROADS in my career, in my love life, in my spiritual walk, and my home life, I realize that time is our biggest asset and can be an enemy at the same time. It’s so funny because the saying is to keep your enemies closer than your friends. If that is the case, then I need to be taking more stock in time and keeping her as close to my bosom as possible.

You see, there are never enough hours in the day, days on this planet, to accomplish and do what God has ordained for us to do. Mostly because purpose, for every one of us, has a considerable measure of HELPING AND DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS as its part of the whole. With that said, there are never enough hours in the day nor days on this planet to serve our fellow human beings. But just think of what total engagement of the entire human race would mean. Imagine a FULL ENGAGEMENT and launch of PEACE and troops being dispatched to WIN WARS WITH LOVE instead of machinery. You talk about a global impact; I am not sure that even those with mean-spirited attitudes would survive such an overflow.

In either case, I am learning how not to be overwhelmed with the things going on with ME or even with the sentiments of my heavy heart for OTHERS. Instead, I am learning that being overwhelmed is like being buried under rocks….. rocks of regret, stones of pain, rocks of trauma, rocks of sadness, rocks of betrayal, rocks of work pressures, family needs, etc.

The time has come for us to come out from under these rocks. Instead of carrying the dead weight of them all and allowing them to weigh us down, we can use them to build bridges over the gaps that exist between us, as we show each other that the rocks which we’ve brought with us to be our contribution to the build, are the same as everyone else’s.

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