The Rise of Women

Rise of Women

By Cecile Anthony-Bryan

While powerful gender inequalities remain in American society, women have made substantial gains and now largely surpass men in one crucial arena: education. Women far outperform men academically at all levels of school, and are more likely to obtain college degrees and enroll in graduate school.

The Rise of Women offers a masterful overview of the broader societal changes that accompanied the shift in gender trends in higher education, business, politics, and so many other fields.

Women quickly reversed the true male advantage in education, business, politics, and so many other areas. By 2010, young women in their mid-twenties surpassed their male counterparts in earning college degrees by more than eight percentage points. The authors, however, reveal an essential exception: While women have achieved parity in fields such as medicine and the law, they lag far behind men in engineering and physical science degrees. Women also derive more intrinsic gratification from performing well on a day-to-day basis, a crucial advantage in the learning and business process. By contrast, men tend to navigate conflict between their emerging masculine identity and a secure attachment to women and popularity. Families and peers play a crucial role at this juncture.

As the value of a highly skilled workforce continues to grow, The Rise of Women argues that understanding the source and extent of the gender gap in higher education and business is essential to improving our schools and the economy.

Here are our 6 Top Women On The Rise:


What can we say, we love our FLOTUS. She claimed everyone’s heart as the first black First Lady, as well as the wife of our beloved Barak Obama. Not just a woman to stand behind her man, she also stood beside him, and when needed, she took the lead and held the family down. She is very much vested in health and helping America get healthy. Not a woman about labels, she showed us that she is just like us, because of her daily fashions came from stores we all shop. I think what America loved about her is she was just not a pretty face, but a strong, intelligent woman. Although the Obama’s have left the office, we don’t think we have seen the last of her. Many anticipate that she will run for President in 2020.


With regards to one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses that the world that the world has seen and loved and automatically became a fan of, off and on the screen, Scarlett Johansson is one of them. She is a triple threat…actress, singer, and model, although her primary focus has been on acting. When you look at her physical characteristics and beauty, there is no surprise that some consider her a sex symbol and no further wonder she made the published list as one of the sexiest women in the world. She first hit the big screen in North in 1994 and have been seen in many films such as Lucy, Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers and most recently Ghost in a Shell. Nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards and no plans on stopping any time soon, look for her to be hitting the big screen again real soon.


A plus-size model and beauty queen, she has graced the cover of many magazines, such as Vogue, Harper, Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. She has also appeared in several Levi campaigns. Although for many years she struggled with sexiness, she definitely down many barriers when it came to modeling. The first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2017. Now focusing on her intimate apparel line, she also sits as one of the judges of Tyra Bank’s Top Model show. Taking the modeling world by storm, letting all of America know that she is bringing sexy back in a plus-size way.


Currently, best known for her role as “Cookie” on the TV show Empire, Ms. Henson is an American actress and author. Nominated for numerous awards, she most recently starred in the acclaimed drama film “Hidden Figures.” In 2016, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Most recently, she took time to pen her first book called “Around the Way Girl.” Far from being done, continue to look for her on the big and small screen. Bringing something different, she is currently working on two new movies “Proud Mary” and “Acrimony.”


Not a household name, but a woman about her business. She is part of our team here at Hustle Mama Magazine, in which she is the Senior Staff Editor. While she is known to her family and friends as a Jacqueline of all Trades with one hell of a power pack, she never ceases to stop challenging herself. During the day she is a Paralegal with a real estate law firm and at night a shoe salesperson. In her spare time, which is not much, as she is a newlywed, she also helps vastly with the magazine and still consults/ manages with two other companies. She is still learning, building and growing as a woman and as a brand for herself. Most recently, her accomplishments can add her certifications as a Life Coach, Wedding Planner, and an Ordained Minister.

While this list is just a few of many and in no way meant to say this is in any order, it is also just expected to show men that Today’s Women, Powerhouse Women, Hustle Mama Women, mean business. Yes, I included myself amongst these great women, because no one believes in you more than yourself. I am destined for greatness, so I own it and claim it.