Real life is a consciously organized plan and mission to be carried out for rational selfishness, by yourself and to ultimately benefit yourself and little else. At risk of sounding too much like old George Jean Nathan, though, I say this: Living selflessly without thinking of yourself at all does not work.

What I mean is some of the greatest plans in history and reality have been full of conscious planning, thinking and action on the behalf of the person making the plan. In short, rational selfishness in this sense, especially consciously and objectively planned rational selfishness is a virtue, not a vice. I will explain myself in further paragraphs.

Think, act, and generate the results you want all organization and ideas of helping yourself say in long form put into my short form of think, act and generate. But, this is what reality comes down to. Not empty words and music, but consciously thought out realistic words and deeds that benefit all including yourself ultimately.

Realistically, to organize yourself, I can also say, if you want to do the most prolific work and realistic results: Pay yourself first, and work yourself smart. What I mean by work yourself smart is to work in an intelligent, organized and conscious way to benefit all, including yourself.

Without this, there cannot be any realistic results or results that work for anyone. The better you are at organizing yourself, the better your results. That is the bottom line, the top line, and all the lines in between.

Indeed, genuine unproductive laziness is fearing to benefit yourself through proper organization and action. To my way of thinking, real life is really good

or excellent results, all else is commentary, stamp collecting and everything genuinely pathetic. Sure, that is my subjective thinking and feeling about the matter, but I sure do hope I have included some objective realities, truth and honesty in the mix here.

The weakest worst people need a committee to tell them how to benefit themselves and when to act, and worst of all they need a committee to think for them, act for them and ultimately even generate for them. Why do you think nothing gets done in government, and there are so many individual success in business when it comes to thought, action and generating results. Indeed, strength comes from results, and fulfilling productive missions.

Success does not depend on committee thinking, and board actions, and ultimately pathetic permission to generate results. Success depends on the individual and their actions and thoughts, not on what others think. In short, to end, as Ayn Rand put it, there is not any collective individuality, and political business is corrupt. The answer is strong individual winning, and nothing else in my reality. All else is weak and meaningless.