Toddlers love the idea of moving around in other ways than on their own two little feet. Perhaps they are impatient to get to places and their feet won’t carry them so fast. Many are the parents who joyfully plan a three-wheel scooter for their little one’s second- or third-year birthday gift. So, when presented with a kids scooter the child’s joy knows no bounds! She puts her other birthday presents aside and climbs onto this new animal, not exactly knowing how it works, but willing to try and learn as soon as possible. Within no time, she is zipping around the house dodging people and furniture like a pro!!

These trendy scooters are lightweight and compact. They have easy grip handles and are ideal for beginners as they are sturdy. They are manual push scooters in bright colors and no sharp edges to cause a hurt. They have to be propelled on one foot and teach the child how to balance. The steering is done by the child leaning to one side or another.

Are they the best thing for small children?

As a first scooter for toddlers, a lot of thoughtfulness has gone into its making:

It has two front wheels and one rear wheel which is different from what we are used to in kid’s scooters. It is normally the other way around. However, this gives a wide front wheel base and combined with the leaning to steer mechanism, makes it easier for toddlers to control the scooter. It can be used up to six years of age as the T shaped handle can be raised to accommodate the growing child.

The deck is also wide enough so that it is safe.

The wheels are non-marking, so they can be ridden indoors without stop, without any fear of scratching the floors.

It moves quite fast and gives the toddler a sense of achievement and confidence. The braking mechanism that is there sometimes on the rear wheel is quite easy to master and effective too.

Many parents recommend this three- wheel scooter for their two-year olds and report in product reviews that the children are completely happy and satisfied with it.

Of course, they should be used with protective equipment like helmets and are strictly not to be used in traffic – and always under adult supervision

What are the mistakes we make when buying scooters for our children?

We fall for good deals and primarily don’t consider what is appropriate for our kids.

A regular children’s three wheeled scooter which has two wheels at the back and one in front seems good enough for starters considering there is a discount available, and there are two little boys, a mother thinks she is onto a good thing and promptly orders them home. Weeks later, the little boys have not mastered them and she is ready to write them off as scooter-challenged.