Seeking help for mentoring is a smart move. That’s what most successful people do.

But the way most people approach their potential mentors is completely wrong or inappropriate. The way you reach out for their help can directly determine whether you can secure this valuable spot of mentoring.

You need to do it strategically. You need to distinguish yourself from other potential mentees. And you need to establish a frame where it will be a win-win relationship for both of you.

If there’s one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the competition, what would that be?  Well, let’s take a look of how most people approach mentors.

Most inexperienced newbies come off as a needy desperate guy who’s going to take value and suck energy away from their mentors.

They ask silly, thoughtless, sometimes rude questions like:
“Hey can we grab a lunch or dinner sometime?”
Or “Hey can you be my mentor? I really need your help.”
Or “Hey, I know you are successful, can we set up a meeting so that I can learn what you’d done?”

Argh, how low quality these questions are.

Frankly, no one cares about your success and everyone does things for a reason. The questions above merely show that you are the only one who’s going to gain value and your mentor is just there offering value like a free charity.

It doesn’t work that way. Your mentor is literally gaining nothing from the interaction.

Time is extremely valuable to successful people and there is no way your mentor is going to hand out time that way. Maybe there’s an exception if you were his/her children, but sorry you aren’t.

So the most important thing to remember is to NOT approach with a beggar’s mindset. Instead, you’re reaching out because you can potentially bring both of you to the next level.

Your mentors maybe a successful 7-figure business owner and are 5-10 years ahead of where you want to go. But they also have their own aspirations, ambitions, problems, frustrations and bigger dreams.

If they are the kind of action-takers who never settles for less, they’re likely to have challenges waiting for them to overcome.

Let’s say your mentor is Bill Gates and he is shifting focus from his trillion dollar business to doing charitable causes.

Well, if you’ve been an active volunteer for charities or you know a few industry influencers here or there, you then have a massive opportunity to help Bill out and take him to the next level!

It’s all about giving relevant value to help your mentor out, my friend.

You are not perfect. Your mentor is not perfect. No one is perfect.

Everyone has their own difficulties and they are looking for help. It can be about their health, relationships, money, spirituality, hobbies, household stuff etc.

Be creative and connect the dots in advance for your mentors.

When you first add value to someone’s life, they will be so much more willing and happy to return the favor for you later on.