Life as an entrepreneur is inherently busy, but as a mother who is also an entrepreneur, your work load has just increased tenfold. Between meetings, the management of family life, and the pressures of various work projects and normal care-taking duties, any free time you think you may or will have is nothing more than a fantasy.

A Mompreneur’s work is never done, and it has nothing to do with her woman’s work, but more of the work she keeps creating for herself in an effort to be all things to all people.

There is a misconception that being an entrepreneur and working for yourself is the greatest thing in the world. But let’s face it, while stay-at-home moms don’t get half of the bad rap they used to, the very notion that she can run the household, keep her husband/mate in tip-top shape, manage the children, and have dreams of doing her own thing is a daunting task to say the very least. Where is the time and the energy to execute all of that?

The mompreneur is working long hours handling her business. If it’s a out-of-the-home business that she manages, then she still has to come home and be swamped with family life and responsibilities. Her day starts long before anyone else’s because of having to get the children ready, and chances are she’s burning the midnight oil long after the rest of the household is asleep just to ensure her duties and expectations are met

The two guarantees you can take to the bank about this lifestyle, are that you will be tired and you will be busy.

The irony of the existence of the mompreneur is that not even within the last decade or two, stay-at-home moms were critical of women who made the decision to be working moms and vice versa. Now technology, progress, and the new face of motherhood and entrepreneurship have paved the way for both sides of the argument to have exactly what they bargained for and not miss out on as much of the other side as in times past.

The life of a mompreneur isn’t easy, but I’m sure those who have found satisfaction and validity in the throes of its possibilities don’t regret any parts of it whatsoever, and feel that any of the sacrifices being made to see it through, in time or rest, are well worth it.