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The Hustle Mama’s Guide to Mommy Magic

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The mother and child bond are unlike any other. Our mothers have a profound influence on our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. After that, when women become moms, their lives are transformed by their children.

Being a mother entails much more than simply giving birth to a kid. It’s falling in love with and knowing a soul before you’ve even seen it. It’s the responsibility to carry and care for a life entirely reliant on you for survival. It’s providing energy to the lungs that grew inside of you, as well as sight to the eyes that will never view you as anything other than mommy. It’s restless nights, tending to scratches and scrapes, and maintaining a strict and protective attitude. It teaches them how to speak, walk, and finally run. It’s learning to hand your child over to a stranger and trust them to teach your child what you can’t. It’s preparing them for a fall and cleaning them up afterward. It’s seeing them cry and not knowing what to do about it, so you sit on the floor with them, hold them, and cry with them. It’s instilling in them the belief that they are intelligent, capable, and witty and providing them with the confidence to achieve greatness. It’s about boosting their self-esteem, encouraging them to pursue their goals, and unconditionally loving them. It’s letting them go, allowing them to fail, and then teaching them how to bounce back. It’s about going without so they don’t have to and accepting it. Being a mother is an incredible blessing for any woman who has never had a kid in her life. It’s an unrivaled and unbreakable connection in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that never stops growing, a love that yearns for more and better. It’s the fear of not being able to avert misery, injustice, heartache, and, in some cases, death. It’s laughing at jokes that aren’t even funny but are hilarious because of how they tell them. It’s listening to endless stories that have no point. It’s constantly accessible for cries of “Mommy, watch me!” and pleads of “Mommy, I need you!” It’s drowning out the word MOM, which has been repeated several times in an attempt to gain your attention. Its melodies were sung out of tune and used to settle sibling quarrels. It’s being cruel and imparting difficult lessons that pain you so much that you want to cry, but you must remain strong and determined. When you’re weak, it’s vital for them. It’s smiling when you’re in the mood to cry and crying while you’re proudly smiling.

On the other hand, being a mother does not prohibit you from living the life you want- and that includes having a career. Here are some of the things on how to balance motherhood and career:

If you appreciate your career, this is one of your values, which is lovely to honor and feel empowered if you have to work for financial reasons- what you believe is best for your family. Rather than allowing negative and guilty emotions to seep in, concentrate on all the beautiful things your children will learn due to your work empowerment. According to Kathleen McGinn and colleagues’ research, women whose mothers worked outside the home were more likely to have employment, hold supervisory roles, and earn more significant income than women whose mothers stayed at home full-time. Working mothers’ sons are more likely to help with domestic duties and spend more time caring for their families.

Be at home when you’re at home. Stop using your phone and spend some time on the floor or in the backyard with your children. Ask them how their day was and their schoolwork. Drive them to their activities or have a family lunch with them. You will be happier as your child is, knowing that you maximize the time with—your family.

The flight attendants go over their safety presentation when you’re aboard an airplane about to take off. They always suggest that you should put on your oxygen mask before aiding others. There’s no way you’ll be able to help those around you if you can’t breathe correctly. Make “me-time” a requirement.

There appear to be insufficient hours in the day at times. Make it a point to decline events or obligations that aren’t important, so you can focus on the ones that are. Concentrate on tasks that give you energy rather than ones that deplete it.

Release your day at work on your drive to pick up the kids after work and establish aspirations for your nights. If it’s Friday, let go of the week and make plans for the weekend. This can be done in the car or somewhere else where there is some quiet.

Take five long, deep breaths while closing your eyes. Imagine your workday or week, together with everything you did, clearing and releasing from your body. Allow yourself to be grateful for it, to acknowledge it, and to let it all go. Then decide what you want to achieve.

This is a personal decision, but knowing that you love and trust the people with whom your child will spend the day away from you makes life, work, and parenting SO much more pleasurable and stress-free. Knowing they are happy and in a lovely location with kind individuals or staff is such a fantastic feeling.

This is a lifesaver and a need. You may open it on your phone and view everyone’s activity right away, no matter where you are. It also has an area for grocery and to-do lists, allowing you to stop at the store and get what you need without having to drive home first to retrieve your list! There will be no more texting mile-long shopping lists!

This is the time of your life. Allow yourself to let go of the need for perfection.
Your career doesn’t have to be perfect, and neither does your family life… You don’t have to be flawless to be successful. Everything transformed after I stopped comparing myself and my life to others and muted the perfectionist in me. I felt a degree of bliss I had never felt before.

We don’t need our life to feel like a never-ending to-do list. What is the aim of it all?! Fun leads to joy, which in turn leads to a sense of general contentment and happiness. Make it a point to undertake at least one enjoyable activity every weekend (on your own or with your family). You’ll feel rejuvenated when you return to work, knowing that you made the most of your time at home, and you’ll be eager to do it all over again!

Above all, remember to appreciate your beautiful, flawed, fascinating, raw, and adventurous path. Isn’t that, after all, what life is all about?



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